KIA knew and threw the ‘Yun Yeong-cheol dice’… Cultivating long breaths, starting now

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 Around this time last year, what emerged as the biggest topic among scouts from the 10 KBO league teams was the restraint of left-hander Yoon Young-chul (19‧KIA), who emerged rapidly.

Everyone already acknowledged that he was a pitcher with good qualities. Yoon Young-chul was a talent who had already won high rankings since his freshman year of high school. All clubs have accumulated data by watching Yoon Young-cheol’s pitching since middle school. He had the highest level of control and command in high school, the ability to acquire a breaking ball, a competitive pitching form, and a good disposition.

However, opinions were divided especially in ‘Speed’. A former scout who remembers the situation at the time recalls, “There may be conclusions from the entire club, but there are also judgments made by individual scouts. Opinions were divided in half.”

‘Trackman’, which provides tracking data to 9 KBO league teams, analyzed 5 national high school baseball tournaments held at Mokdong Stadium last year. The fastball’s revolutions per minute (RPM) is about 2160. In terms of the speed and rotation of his fastball, there was nothing special about it. So what drew my attention was how much I could improve after going pro.

A club scout said, “There is a certain increase in speed when a player receives systematic body care in the pro and works hard. However, looking at the case, innate parts such as physique cannot be ignored.” Some club scouts said, “Yun Young-chul’s restraint can be significantly increased,” while some club scouts said, “There is a difference from Kim Seo-hyun (Hanwha) in terms of body elasticity. It will not be a smooth process.”

As Shim Jun-seok (Pittsburgh) announced his advance to the major leagues, Kim Seo-hyun’s first nomination was confirmed, and the KIA nominated Yoon Young-chul in the second overall. KIA was the one who believed that Yoon Young-cheol’s speed could be sufficiently increased in the pro. There is also an explanation that there was confidence in the achievement of improving the speed of some left-handed pitchers.

Such Yun Young-chul had his professional debut in a match against Kiwoom held at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 15th. On this day,메이저사이트 he suffered some damage to the relatively narrow left and right strike zones, and then went through a harsh ceremony, such as shaking his first pitch and allowing 5 runs only in the first inning. However, he blocked runs from the second inning and finished his debut with a record of 3⅔ innings and 5 runs.

According to Trackman’s tally, Yoon Young-chul’s four-seam fastball’s highest velocity on that day was 141.4 km, and the average was 138.7 km. Apparently, the percentage of four-seams, which were relatively easy to catch counts and balls, was high at 66.7%. Looking at his restraint, he was worse than he was in high school. However, before the game on the 16th, KIA coach Kim Jong-guk defined it as “a half success,” suggesting that he would continue to give opportunities in the starting rotation.

Coach Kim, who praised the game from the time of the Arizona camp, saying, “The level is very high for a player who just graduated from high school,” said, “I think it was stable except for the first inning. I think I couldn’t adapt to the first inning.” On this day, Yoon Young-cheol did not appear to be very nervous on the mound, but coach Kim said, “It was the same after the game.” walked

With this player who has just started, the restraint is again on top of the controversy. The pessimism leaks out again: “It may be enough restraint in high school, but it doesn’t work in the pros.” Of course, that is true for now. However, KIA already knew the disadvantages of Yoon Young-cheol and threw the dice. He didn’t throw it unknowingly. It could mean that he also has his own plans for how he can develop this player well. Training for long breaths has just begun.

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