Keegan Bradley’s 13kg Diet

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Golf is not a fitness-oriented exercise. However, as seen in the examples of Tiger Woods (USA) and Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland), top athletes spend a lot of time in weight training. This is because when you go to the game, you have to walk 40 to 50 km every week and maintain a high level of concentration. If you don’t manage your body in a proper way, even your swing will collapse.

K메이저사이트eegan Bradley’s diet, which recently lost more than 13kg, is a hot topic. Bradley lost 30 pounds (about 13.6 kg) in 5 months. He lost more than 2kg in a month. As those who have gone on a diet know, the ‘war against flesh’ is a series of extreme patience and self-restraint.

According to Golf Digest, Bradley felt something needed to change after the 2021-22 season ended. It was right after the failure to advance to the Tour Championship, the final match of the FedEx Cup, where only 30 players were allowed to participate. Bradley, who often felt tired during the game, felt that his body was not at its best for golf and decided that a change was needed.

Bradley, who weighed close to 100kg at the time, first consulted a nutritionist. And he made a new diet. The conclusion was that he should eat enough of what he wanted to eat, mainly meat. Bradley ate all the food he could walk, fly, or swim, while eating plenty of fruit.

I ate egg dishes for breakfast, and I ate chicken or beef for lunch. And I ate steak for dinner. But there is an important premise here. All meat, whether chicken or cow, had to come from pasture-raised animals. I ate no vegetables, no seasonings, no starch, no ketchup. Instead, I seasoned it with salt and pepper only. I also completely cut out carbonated drinks and ion drinks.

A change in eating habits alone cannot achieve this goal. Instead of weight training with heavy equipment, Bradley spent time at the gym focusing on aerobic exercise, such as riding an indoor bike or rowing. It was a series of difficult times that he contemplated stopping several times. But Bradley won the battle against himself, and as a result, in less than five months, he lost 30 pounds.메이저놀이터

He also had good results. Bradley won the PGA Tour Zozo Championship held in Japan last October. After playing The CJ Cup in the US mainland, he immediately moved to Japan, but he did not feel tired or jet lag. And he was able to play in a good mood throughout the game. In the end, he won by one stroke over Rickie Fowler and Andrew Putnam. In September 2018, it was the first win in 1498 days after winning the BMW Championship.

Bradley finished runner-up behind Max Horma (USA) at the Farmers Insurance Open held at Torrey Pines last week. This season he became the first player to win and runner-up on the PGA Tour. Bradley’s runner-up prize money was $984,300 (approximately 1.2 billion won). I lost weight and made a lot of money, so I ‘eat a pheasant and eat an egg’.

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