Jeong Han-yong, born in 2001, and Kim Min-jae, born in 2003, are blowing positive winds of generational change at Korean Air.

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The power of Korean Air, which is at the forefront of men’s professional volleyball, can be found in the ideal harmony of old and new. While veteran setters Han Seon-su and Yoo Kwang-woo (aged 38) are still alive and well, young players born in the 2000s, such as Jung Han-yong (22) and Kim Min-jae (20), are also energizing the team.먹튀검증

Korean Air’s main middle blockers in the 2022-23 season are Kim Gyu-min (33) and Kim Min-jae. In particular, the performance of second-year Kim Min-jae, who wore a Korean Air uniform as the 1st place in the 2nd round last season, is impressive.

Kim Min-jae, who graduated from Inhasa University High School, received the attention of Korean Air coach Tommy Tilikhainen for his 196 cm tall athletic nerves and endurance.

This is Kim Min-jae, who proudly said, “I want to beat his older brothers and become the starting pitcher” ahead of this season, but he actually proved his words by playing all the games.

Kim Min-jae, who is 18 years older than the captain, Han Seon-soo, sometimes touches the net and makes mistakes, but he showed a rapid growth rate and took a central place in Korean Air. Kim Min-jae is ranked 3rd in men’s fast break and 8th in blocking.

Recently, while veteran outside hitter Kwak Seung-seok (35) faltered due to a calf injury, Jeong Han-yong, a second-year pro, also draws attention.

Jung Han-yong graduated from Hongik University and wore a Korean Air uniform with the 3rd pick in the first round last year through the early draft. As a 194cm outside heater, he has an ideal physique and stands out with decent attack power and strong serve.

Jeong Han-yong, who is expected to be the ‘second Kwak Seung-seok’ in the team, is showing his presence with his active activities to fill the void of Kwak Seung-seok.

His ability to receive or defend is still lacking compared to his attack, but his growth potential is endless. He also has a good offensive and defensive balance, recording an attack success rate of 57.81%, receiving efficiency of 41.82%, and 0.423 digs per set all season.

Jeong Han-yong said, “No matter how good I do, I’m still not as good as (Kwak) Seung-seok was.” However, he showed firm determination, saying, “Personally, I also want to participate in many games. Seung-seok hyung is also old, so I’ll take my place somehow.”

In addition to the two, Lim Dong-hyuk (24, 201 cm), who has grown into a national apogee spiker, is also preparing to be put on the court at any time through steady growth since joining in 2017.

Korean Air, which has been consistently ranked high and has been criticized for being slow in changing generations, has naturally created a virtuous cycle as veterans play well and even young players rise up. The team is moving in a positive direction as head coach Tommy, who prioritizes ability over age or experience, creates an infinite competition system.

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