Jeon Seong-hyun-Lee Jung-hyun and Jo Han-jin in trouble even after clearing the sluggish performance “You have to go back from the army quickly”

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As director (Kim Seung-gi) said, I really think I have to go back to the military soon.”

Goyang Carrot won 68-65 in the home game against Seoul Samsung in the 2022-23 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Round 4 held at Goyang Gymnasium on the 30th and succeeded in escaping from the second consecutive loss of the season. 메이저사이트

Despite the sluggish performance of Seong-Hyun Jeon and Jung-Hyun Lee, Carrot managed to hold on thanks to the strength of Didric Lawson (29 points, 19 rebounds). In addition, Jo Han-jin’s performance, which prevented the moment when he almost gave Samsung an atmosphere, also helped the victory.

Hanjin Cho recorded 12 points, 2 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 steal in 26 minutes and 57 seconds. He operated 3 stores at each critical moment and even played a solid defense.

After the game, Jo Han-jin said, “The basketball I prepared went well. It was a seesaw game, but it feels good to win in the end. (Former) Seonghyun hyung’s 3-point shooting record was broken and it’s unfortunate, and I’m also not in a good mood.”

Carrot coach Kim Seung-gi said to Cho Han-jin, “You have to be sent to the army. He gets so excited when he just scores,” he scolded. Like whipping a running horse, it was an expression of affection unique to director Kim who believed that Cho Han-jin could do better.

Regarding this, Jo Han-jin said, “I think I will have to return to the army soon (laughs). Would that make a difference? He knows he’s very excited. The coach also tells me not to get excited after I score,” he said. It is said that men change after serving in the military, so I wonder if it will change.”

Cho Han-jin is one of the players who receive harsh expressions mixed with affection from coach Kim. It is to the extent that other people may respond that it is ‘too much’, but because of director Kim’s style, who does not look at him if he is not interested, Cho Han-jin seems to be already recognized.

Cho Han-jin said, “Actually, the pressure from the director is difficult (laughs). But because it’s for me, I always try to think about it.” “He talks a lot about when to do it and when not to do it. He also kept telling me to move a lot when defending rather than attacking.”

In the past, Jeon Seong-hyun also suffered from strong pressure from coach Kim during his KGC days. After Jeon Seong-hyun’s discharge from the military, there were times when we shared opinions to the point of ‘fighting’, to borrow their expression. As time passed, he eventually became the best shooter in KBL.

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