Jang Hyo-jo, whose batting average was cut by 1 li… Why is it still ‘overstepped’?

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The career batting average record of the late Hyo-jo Jang, the KBO legend ‘master of batting’, will be corrected.

The KBO announced on the 24th that it had corrected his record because the rules in the 1985 season were misinterpreted. KBO is continuously conducting cross-validation of dataized records to preserve and study records.메이저사이트

The corrected game was a Cheongbo-Samsung match held at Daegu Stadium on July 31, 1985. In the bottom of the 6th inning, with 1 company on 1st and 2nd base, Jang Hyo-jo, who came out as the 3rd hitter, hit a double. It is a situation where the team has been outed by the appeal.

At the time, in Rule 12 of Official Baseball Rule 10.07, ‘When a batter hits a batted ball that is obviously a hit but the preceding runner does not hit the base and is put out due to an appeal, if the out is a force-out, it is not recorded as a hit.’ The batter’s hit had to be canceled because it was specified, but at the time, it was recorded as Jang Hyo-jo’s double as it actually happened.

Therefore, Jang Hyo-jo’s record was corrected from 3,050 at-bats with 1,009 hits and a batting average of 0.331 to 3,050 at-bats and 1,008 hits with a batting average of 0.330. In addition, the batting average for the 1985 season was also corrected from 0.373 to 0.370, changing from 6th to 10th in the highest batting average of all seasons.

Although his career record has decreased by 1 li, Hyo-jo Jang’s batting average still leads to the realm of ‘over four walls’.

Jang Hyo-jo played exactly 10 seasons from 1983 to 1992, participating in 964 games and recording a career batting average of 0.330.

In 1990 and 1992, the last years of his career, Jang Hyo-jo recorded a batting average of . In particular, Jang Hyo-joo’s sophistication was unmatched, as he scored above the mid-30’s three times.

The reason Jang Hyo-jo’s career batting average is so great is in line with the speciality of the ratio stat. Even if most players record high batting averages until the early and mid-career, when the aging curve arrives after their 30s, their skills cannot be avoided and their batting averages naturally decrease.

Also, batters are basically much more likely to get outs than hits, but the more samples there are, the easier it is for batting averages to fall than to rise. The current KBO league has more games compared to the time when Jang Hyo-jo was active, so batting average management is inevitably difficult. In other words, Jang Hyo-jo’s career batting average remained a record that is difficult to break due to the combination of the player’s very outstanding skills and the uniqueness of the times.

The player who appeared at this time was Lee Jung-hoo. Lee Jeong-hoo has recorded a career batting average of 0.342 over six seasons, and last year, he filled the minimum number of at-bats (3,000 at-bats) in his career, surpassing Jang Hyo-jo and rising to the first place in this category.

In particular, since Lee Jung-hoo announced that he would advance to the major leagues after this season, if he finishes his career without returning to Korea, the main character with the highest batting average in his career could change.

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