‘Jamsil Big Boy’ injury recovery → 2nd team business trip, coach Yeom Kyung-yeop “If you feel good at hitting, call up right away

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The LG Twins and SSG Landers, who are competing for first place, will have their last game of 3 matches at Jamsil Stadium on the 27th.

LG lost to SSG the day before and fell behind in win rate without a ride and was pushed from 1st to 2nd place. In LG, Plutko will be the starting pitcher on this day. He is 3-0 with an earned run average of 0.77 in 4 games this season.

For LG, Hong Chang-gi (left fielder) Moon Seong-joo (right fielder) Oh Ji-hwan (shortstop) Austin (1st baseman) Moon Bo-gyeong (3rd baseman) Kim Min-seong (2nd baseman) Park Dong-won (catcher) Song Chan-eui (designated hitter) Park Hae-min (center fielder) will be in the starting lineup.

Against SSG left-handed starter Kim Gwang-hyun메이저놀이터, four right-handers were placed. Kim Hyeon-soo, who suffered from back pain, recovers and waits as a pinch hitter. The following is a Q&A with director Yeom Gyeong-yeop. -Song Chan-eui practiced a lot

to start as a designated hitter , and when the opportunity comes, we have to check how much he has improved.

He (he plays in the first team) then goes to the second team and tries third base, he has to play second base. Defense is the most important. It is regrettable that the defense is not perfect right now. Later, I will go to the second team and have them play in three positions (1st, 2nd, 3rd base). When Lee Jae-won comes up, he goes down to the second group. 

– When will Lee Jae-won come up?

“I will play in the 2nd team game tomorrow. If I see the results and feel good at batting, I will call up. 500 pieces a day. It won’t take long to recover the feeling of the game because I practiced it for about 3 weeks while rehabilitating.

-How did Kim Yun-sik see you yesterday? Restraint came out well. 

There is nothing wrong with the body. Ultimately, it is a matter of walks. The balance comes and goes. I see it as a lack of training (by participating in the WBC). -Jung Woo-young can go to

the mound today (he practiced pitching in the bullpen before the game) .

He continues to practice his curveball (knuckle) and changeup (transformation splitter). He throws a changeup with a deformable splitter similar to a two-seam grip that is easy to adapt to. He should increase his pitches with two-seam, four-seam, curveball, and changeup.

-Is Kim Hyun-soo resting until today?

Waiting for a substitute today. There was no substitute card yesterday. With Hyeon-soo missing, number 5 Moon Bo-gyeong took a lot of chances. 

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