“It’s a pity, but…” NYM’s winter seen by the permanent absence

Commentator Keith Hernandez, a former member of the New York Mets, evaluated New York’s progress in the free agent market.

Hernandez appeared on MLB Network’s talk show ‘Hot Stove’ on the 15th (hereafter local time). He admired the amount recently used in the free agency market that day.

“It’s just shocking how over $2 billion has been spent in just one week, not just by the New York Mets, but by the entire major leagues,” he said. “It’s just amazing the amount of money players are signing right now.”

Then, he mentioned the recent move to send Jacob deGrom (34, Texas Rangers) and agree to contracts with Justin Verlander (39) and Brandon Nemo (29, above New York). New York signed a two-year, $86,666,666 (about 113.2 billion won) contract with Verlander and an eight-year, $162 million (about 211.6 billion won) contract with Nemo. Attention was focused on whether he would be able to catch deGrom as well, but when news of his contract with Texas was reported, a disappointing reaction arose among the fans. 안전놀이터

“I can’t blame deGrom,” said Hernandez. “Verlander is one of the pitchers who had the best year. However, there is a question mark called age. New York should have found someone to replace deGrom.”

Also, “Taihuan Walker (30, Philadelphia Phillies), who was a promising player, also left us. DeGrom did great things in New York, but he eventually left.” “He will be a player to miss. But we are ahead of the 2023 season. That’s what’s important,” he added.

Regarding agreeing to a long-term contract with Brandon Nemo (29), “I am very happy. We believe that Nemo will delight the team and the fans. “I’m excited too,” he said. “He must continue to improve himself and remain consistent.