It looks like it’s wider and bigger… ‘Jamsil Idol’ Soo-bin? ‘Gocheok Idol’ Kim Tae-goon!

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Doosan Bears ‘Jamsil Idol’ Soo-bin looks like something strange.

On the 3rd, at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, ‘2022 Hope Plus Charity Baseball Tournament’ was obviously not on the list, but Sue Bin entered the plate. However, it is strange to see him standing at the plate. It feels wider and bigger.

The ‘Hope Plus Charity Baseball Tournament’ is an event game where you can see various aspects of the players who have finished the season that have not been seen before. Cheerful Samsung Lions veteran catcher Kim Tae-goon is a regular customer of the ‘Hope Plus Charity Baseball Tournament’, and this year he transformed into Jeong Su-bin.

Soo-Bin Jung is known as the ‘Jamsil Idol’ for her fast feet and hustle play, and is loved by many. . And he has a unique striking stance in which he bends and straightens his knees before striking, moving up and down repeatedly. It is a player who can tell at a glance that he is Jeong Su-bin just by looking at his qualified posture with his face covered.

Kim Tae-gun could not imitate Soo-bin’s quick feet and defense, but his batting stance was as good as that of a ‘human copier’. 안전놀이터

At the beginning of the 3rd inning, Kim Tae-goon entered the plate from the left wearing the back number 31 Jeong Su-bin uniform. He tried to hit it with a large ping-pong stick, not a bat, but was out in vain. However, Kim Tae-goon, who transformed into Jeong Su-bin, brought joy to baseball fans and won the Fine Play Award after the game.

At the KBO All-Star Game last July, Kim Tae-goon appeared wearing the gonryongpo and ikseongwan worn by kings of the Joseon Dynasty, and then bowed to the crowd with Samsung mascot Bleo, winning the All-Star Game Best Performance Award.Kim Tae-goon, who always brings joy to the fans, transformed into Su-bin in this charity game and made memories with baseball fans.

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