“I’m going to stop Kim Yeon-kyung’s ball” Heungkuk Life Insurance 2nd year MB, IBK dreams of emergency

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Middle blocker Lim Hye-rim (19, 184cm), in his second year of professional debut, made a new nest at IBK Industrial Bank ahead of the new season. He left Heungkuk Life Insurance after one year of his debut season.

On April 26, Lim Hye-rim was nominated as a compensation player for Kim Su-ji, who transferred to Heungkuk Life Insurance through FA (free agent), and transferred to IBK Industrial Bank. IBK Industrial Bank of Korea explained, “I nominated Lim Hye-rim to secure future resources with great height, excellent jumping power, and strong attack power.” 

Lim Hye-rim joined Heungkuk Life Insurance as the 2nd pick in the 1st round of the 2022-2023 season rookie draft. In his first season, he played 30 sets in 18 games, scoring 18 points, attack success rate 38.89%, and blocking 0.200 per set. 

His uniform changed from pink to blue as soon as he finished adapting to his first season to some extent. CBS No Cut News met Lim Hye-rim, who had to adapt again to a new place, at the IBK Gymnasium in Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 8th.

Regarding his last season, Lim Hye-rim said, “It seems to have gone by like crazy.” He continued, “I was very nervous because it was a stage that was completely different from when I was in high school. I think I was lacking because I couldn’t adapt perfectly. I want to work harder next season and show a good image.” 

Lim Hye-rim, who left Heungkuk Life Insurance behind a short meeting, said, “I didn’t cry. After the announcement, I said hello to my sisters and packed my bags.” She continued, “Heungkuk Life Insurance went on vacation until the championship decision and received a late vacation, but IBK Industrial Bank had already completed its vacation. She asked what to do because her sisters did not have vacation,” she laughed.

Lim Hye-rim, who joined the new team right away without taking a vacation, said, “She was worried a lot, but the atmosphere is so good and everyone takes care of it.” told She continued, “Her classmate (Kim) Yun-woo takes care of her the most. She tells me in detail one by one what she doesn’t know.” 

As she joined as a replacement for veteran Kim Su-ji, her burden must be great. However, Lim Hye-rim said, “It’s a part that I have to accept, and I think it’s important to do my best in my position rather than having a burden.” “He promised. 

She is called Teacher Tiger, and she is known for being strict. Lim Hye-rim said, “At first, I thought he would be very scary, so I was worried메이저놀이터, but he’s a better person than I thought.” 

As she meets her new leader, she must blend into the new training style. Lim Hye-rim said, “It’s confusing because the details keep changing, but it doesn’t deviate from the big picture.” 

Lim Hye-rim, who is 184cm tall and is in charge of the team’s tallest team, showed her will to help the team by displaying her strengths to the fullest. He said, “I want to be helpful to the team by blocking a lot as I am tall in her team,” he said. 

As much as he wore a new uniform for the new season, his goal was different. Lim Hye-rim said, “As it is my second year, I want to show a lot of better images if given the opportunity.” He also expressed his strong determination, saying, “I want to block Yeon-kyung’s ball by supplementing my weak blocking last season.”

Lim Hye-rim, who was nominated by Heungkuk Life Insurance at the time of the rookie draft, was delighted to have a meal with Kim Yeon-kyung (35), the “Volleyball Empress”. Lim Hye-rim, who shared the joys and sorrows with Kim Yeon-kyung during the next season, said, “It was a very good time. It was such a good time to let you know,” he laughed.

Aside from that, she was able to adapt well to her professional career thanks to the help of many players. Lim Hye-rim said, “(Kim) Na-hee unnie, who has the same position as her, taught me a lot when she worked out.” and she expressed her gratitude. 

Heungkuk Life Insurance ranked first in the regular league last season and went directly to the championship match. However, Lim Hye-rim, who was her rookie, was not given a chance to play in the championship match.

Nevertheless, she learned and felt many things while watching her seniors play on the stage during the championship match. He recalled, “The atmosphere was completely different from the season. Watching her do her best with every ball, I felt it was definitely different.” He added, “I also thought that I would like to become a player who can perform well in such a big game when I grow up later.”

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