“If you want to sue me, do it”…Seoul’s Gangseo-gu lawmaker ‘Busan return kick perpetrator’ released again

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The identities of the perpetrators of the “Busan Kick” incident have been released again.
After a YouTuber revealed his identity, a member of Seoul’s Gangseo District Council said it was in the public interest.
Reporter Jang Deok-jin reports.

The so-called “spin-kick incident” occurred in Busan last May.

Kim Min-seok, a member of the Gangseo District Council in Seoul메이저놀이터, released the identity of the man who followed a woman on her way home and indiscriminately assaulted her on social media.

“I released it for the public interest to protect my constituents,” he explained.

He added that he was “ready to take on a lawsuit” if the man sued him.

Interview (☎): Kim Min-seok / Member of the Gangseo District Council, Seoul

  • “If a crime is committed (in Gangseo-gu), the victim may be a resident of Gangseo-gu, so I wrote an article (disclosing the identity) to fulfill a public purpose….”

On February 2, a YouTuber first revealed the face, occupation, and age of the man who committed the crime.

The video garnered over 6.7 million views and over 4,000 comments.

Under current law, the release of identifying information is limited to suspects in the investigation phase or those who have been convicted of a sex offense.

This means that we can’t immediately release the identity of an accused man who has been tried and is a defendant.

As a result, the identity of the perpetrator is being released by private parties outside the system.

Interview(☎) : Seung Jae-hyun / Korea Institute for Criminal Justice Policy Research

  • “If the first trial resulted in a conviction of 12 years, there should have been a system for whether or not to disclose new information, but there is no system….”

A man who was sentenced to 12 years in prison in the first trial is set to be sentenced in the second trial on April 12.

Prosecutors added a rape charge against the man, asking for 35 years in prison.

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