“If you speak up, we’ll rip your mouth off”…’Sexual misconduct allegations’ rattle city council again

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A councilor has been accused by a fellow councilor of being abusive and verbally abusive during a study abroad trip. Not only did he use harsh language, but he also made a government employee carry his bag while traveling with him. This is the Bucheon City Council in Gyeonggi Province, which has recently been the subject of sexual misconduct allegations.

Lee Sung-hoon is a reporter.


Two days ago, the plenary session of the Bucheon City Council in Gyeonggi Province.

Bucheon City Councilor Park Hye-sook, a member of the People’s Power, raised suspicions of sexual harassment and assault by a fellow councilor메이저사이트.

In April, seven ruling and opposition lawmakers and two civil servants from the Finance and Culture Committee went on an overseas study trip to France and Germany, and the chairwoman of the committee, Lim Eun-boon of the Democratic Party of Korea, allegedly bossed them around, asking them to wait before meals and having them carry her suitcase for her.

[Park Hye-sook/Bucheon City Councilor: Why should lawmakers carry suitcases, asking officials to carry the suitcases of the chairwoman and Democratic Party members….]

On the last day of the training, she claimed that Lim refused to get on the bus because he was unhappy with the cost, and then demanded that she shut up about what she had done with harsh words.

[Park Hye-sook/Bucheon City Councilor of the People’s Power: ‘If you reveal what happened during the training, I will tear your mouth off,’ he said in a strong tone with a venomous look and an accent].

Lim vehemently denied the allegations of favoritism.

[Lim Eun-bun/Democratic Party of Korea Bucheon City Councilor (Chairperson of the Finance and Culture Committee): I never told a public servant to lift my suitcase when I was moving. As a matter of protocol, I didn’t do anything abusive].

As for the verbal abuse, he reportedly clarified, “I didn’t say anything like that, but I did say, ‘If you blame everything on the chairperson, I will sew your mouth shut.

In the Bucheon City Council, Democratic Representative Park Sung-ho recently resigned amid allegations that he sexually harassed two fellow council members.

From drinking parties to overseas training programs, councilors’ behavior is fueling the theory that basic councils are useless.

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