I want to play volleyball without regrets”… Even the tiger director fell in love, the awakening of 31-year-old OH who used to ride a roller coaster

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I want to play volleyball without regrets.”

Woori Card outside hitter Song Hee-chae (31)먹튀검증 is one of the players Shin Young-chul trusts and uses. She averaged 15.3 points in her last three games, and her attack success rate also averaged over 50%. Receive is also in the late 30% range, giving strength to the team.

However, this stability was not maintained throughout the season. Like riding a roller coaster, there were ups and downs. When he did well, he scored in double digits, and the attack success rate and receiving efficiency that appeared on the scoreboard were good.

However, when it didn’t work out, he started as a starter, was replaced in the middle of the game, and was excluded from the start again. In the end, there were even cases where he was completely excluded from the game entry. It was a decision made by coach Shin Young-chul when Hee-chae Song, who had abandoned all bad habits and started the season with a new mind, returned to bad habits.

This season is the first season with coach Shin Young-chul from the beginning of the season. Song Hee-chae, who moved from Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance to Woori Card in May 2020, enlisted a week after the trade transfer to solve military problems, and joined at the beginning of last season. Last offseason, coach Shin Young-chul underwent harsh training. Little by little, I am melting into director Shin Young-chul’s style, and now I am in the process of adapting to that. As time goes by, Song Hee-chae knows what the director wants.

Director Shin Young-cheol said, “Hee-chae has improved a lot. I like sophisticated volleyball, but Hee-chae is a player who has the ability to do better than she is now if she blends into our team style more.”

Song Hee-chae, whom I recently met, said, “The team has been on a losing streak recently. The team was also in crisis, and it was an important time for me as well. He also asked a lot of advice from the coach or the players. I think the most important thing is to play aggressive volleyball to suppress the opponent’s momentum.” So it seems to look good. He told me the day before the game that it was infinite,” he laughed.

The sub has improved recently. In the OK Financial Group match on the 8th, he recorded 4 sub-aces, the most in an individual game this season, and in the Korean Air match on the 17th, he recorded 3 sub-aces, including one that ended the second set. The 5th round record was 0.467 per set. It is the best record for rounds alone, and is much higher than 0.207 per set per season.

Song Hee-chae said, “I changed the position of the serve. She used to hit in the number 1 spot, but now she hits in the number 4 spot. She switched to her favorite seat. She is more confident and unhesitating than in her previous position. She takes the confidence and hits more aggressively,” she laughs.

Prior to beating Korean Air on the 17th, Woori Card was mired in a 5-game losing streak. Of these, 4 losses were regrettable losses after a full set match.

Song Hee-chae said, “I was stressed because I lost even though there were games that I could win while losing consecutively. She felt hopeless. However, the accumulation of points even in losing games gave her a chance to rebound,” she said.

We are looking forward to how the awakened Song Hee-chae can give strength to Woori Card in the future.

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