“I lost 14 billion on a trusted mommy cafe…” Moms scream.

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A woman in her 50s who defrauded members of an online mommy cafe of 14 billion won by promising to sell them gift certificates at low prices has made her first media appearance since the incident.

On the afternoon of the 30th, Ms메이저사이트. A, a woman in her 50s who is suspected of violating the Act on the Regulation of Fraud and Similar Acts under the Severe Punishment of Certain Economic Crimes Act, entered the Incheon District Court, where a suspect interrogation (warrant substantive examination) was held before her detention.

Previously, the police had received complaints from across the country since late last year, and while investigating Ms. A, they applied for a pre-arrest warrant on March 26.

Mr. A is accused of running an internet cafe from January 2020 to September last year, taking 14.2 billion won from 61 members.

According to the police, Mr. A offered members a so-called “sangtech” (gift certificate + finance), saying that if they invested in department store gift certificates, he would return their principal with a 30 percent return. Initially, he actually shared the profits with his victims to build their trust, and then continued to induce them to reinvest.

Most of the victims were identified as housewives, and some of them reportedly invested as much as 1.17 billion won with Mr. A and then got their money back.

In total, police believe Mr. A defrauded 282 cafe members of a total of 46 billion won. However, police say they only included 14.2 billion won in the arrest warrant as the amount of the alleged fraud because 61 of the victims were reluctant to come forward.

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