“I leave my fate to you”…Famous Chinese man ‘dies’ after downing 4 bottles of liquor on live internet broadcast

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A Chinese man who drank four bottles of alcohol in a row while broadcasting live online has been found dead, causing shock.

Sina-HK01 and other Chinese media outlets reported on Tuesday that Internet broadcaster San Qianhong, 34, recently died and completed funeral procedures.

According to HK01, San Chen-hsiung drank four bottles of white wine in a row during a live broadcast of a “drinking game” on April 15.

However, after drinking the third bottle, he felt unwell and said, “I leave my fate to you,” and drank the last bottle. An acquaintance found him dead the next day.

He was also known for his frequent “drinking binges,” in which he took one shot of “white liquor.

Fans also recognized San Chen as one of the best drinkers메이저놀이터.

“He was a good friend,” a restaurant owner named Zhao said in an interview, “I didn’t expect him to die in such a vain way.” She said she saw him off for the last time on March 19.

Netizens also reacted to the news, saying, “I feel sorry for him,” “Why would he do something so dangerous,” and “I’m so shocked that he changed his account to do another drinking and eating video.”

It is known that the amount of alcohol an adult weighing 60 kilograms can break down in a day is about 80 grams on average, which is equivalent to 1.5 bottles of soju.

Even for an adult male with a large capacity to break down alcohol, the incident reminded people that drinking a large amount of strong alcohol in a short period of time is life-threatening.

By Lee Sang-kyu, reporter, Maekyung.com (boyondal@mk.co.kr)

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