“I don’t care about the angle of the arm or the pitch” KIA Yang Hyeon-jong’s successor again… the army changed people

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“I don’t care about the angle of my arms. I don’t even care.”

He said he didn’t pay attention to the angle of his arm or his pitch, but he was completely transformed. What the hell happened in the business? Yang Hyeon-jong’s successor to the KIA seemed to be solidifying with Lee Eui-ri in the third year. However, it is in an atmosphere where Kim Ki-hoon, the first nominee in 2019, could put the brakes on.

When Kim Ki-hoon joined as the first nomination in 2019, he was selected as a ‘post Yang Hyeon-jong’. He was evaluated not simply because he was Yang Hyeon-jong’s ‘left-handed junior’ at Dongseong High School, but because he had great potential. However, Kim Ki-hoon failed to stand out in both 2019 and 2020.

Kim Ki-hoon, who had been like that, changed drastically from managing director. He recorded an average ERA of 2.95 with 6 wins and 2 losses in 16 games in the 2022 season. He started steadily and naturally developed the dream of becoming a full-time starting pitcher. His success in business was no accident. Last fall, as soon as he was discharged, he returned to the first team and made a big success with an ERA of 1.04 in 5 games.

He only started out as a bullpen because he had no place in the starting lineup, but Kim Ki-hoon is more than a candidate for the 5th starting lineup this season. It is expected that he will compete with newcomers Yoon Young-chul and sidearm Kim Ki-young for the 5 starting matches, including an exhibition game. Coach Kim Jong-guk thinks that in the long term, Kim Ki-hoon should be given a starting position.메이저사이트

There was no change without reason. Kim Ki-hoon, who temporarily entered Incheon International Airport on the night of the 26th, said, “I changed a lot from managing. In the first camp (Tucson, Arizona, USA), he focused on maintaining his changed form. He changed to a form that was not urgent, and there was a stopping motion in kicking.”

In the past, Kim Ki-hoon had a rough form. After entering his pitching stance, his center of gravity did not move smoothly, and his release point was not constant as his upper body moved forward in a hurry. Sangmu overhauled this and set the pitching balance, and it has been maintained to this point.

Kim Ki-hoon said, “I don’t care about the angle of my arms. It was bad because the release point was not constant, but now it is fixed. He started to get more velocity as he threw more confidently as his balance improved.” He found a good balance, so he got more speed, control and command.

It led to a change of mind. Kim Ki-hoon said, “You have to throw while paying attention to what you have prepared so far on the mound. When he gets on the mound, he tries to throw confidently without feeling discouraged. It’s a shame he only pitched one game in Tucson. He should have thrown more. He is trying to focus on maintaining the changed form even at the 2nd (Okinawa, Japan) camp.”

Yang Hyeon-jong’s successor has not yet been decided. Lee Eui-ri was the most advanced, but Kim Ki-hoon could put the brakes on the atmosphere. There is also rookie Yoon Young-cheol. That’s how KIA speeds up the construction of the Lefty Kingdom.

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