“I am the President” replied “We are the Chinese Air Force” to Tsai Ing-wen’s communication attempt

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Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) A video of Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) having ‘unexpected communication’ with the Chinese Air Force is becoming a hot topic in Taiwan and China. Some even discuss the security issue of the Taiwanese military, and it is even emerging as a ‘hot potato’ in the conflict between China and Taiwan.

According to Chinese and Taiwanese media on the 13th, President Tsai visited an air base in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on the 9th and had test communications with front-line communication officers. At this time, when President Tsai introduced himself, “I am the President메이저놀이터,” a message came out saying, “This is the Chinese Air Force, you have invaded our airspace and seriously violated our sovereignty.” The hard faces of President Tsai and the military officers around him, who laughed bitterly at the sudden message, were captured on the camera of the accompanying reporters, and a portion was released as a broadcast clip.

Some military experts argued that this could not have been a coincidence. Chie-chung, a military expert at the National Policy Foundation, a think tank affiliated with the Kuomintang, said, “It is a very exquisite timing, and there is a possibility that China deliberately sent such a message after knowing the president’s schedule in advance.” We must investigate and do our best to secure communications,” he insisted. Military expert Zhang Yanting, former deputy commander of the Taiwanese Air Force, hinted at the possibility of intentional Chinese intervention, saying, “If not, it is a very strange coincidence.”

As the controversy grew, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense explained that “the message was not from President Tsai’s communication, but from a different frequency we were monitoring.”

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