How should we view the Los Angeles Angels’ ‘plenty of waiver announcements’?

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Originally, the major league trade deadline was divided into two. It was divided into a non-waiver trade at the end of July and a waiver trade at the end of August. Players who were traded on waivers were also able to play in the postseason.

The basic meaning of the deadline is a non-waiver trade. Because players can move freely without any restrictions, all teams actively utilized it. The waiver trade is a bit complicated. Negotiations with all teams are possible only when there is no intention (claim) to recruit the player after the waiver is announced. There are not too many cases that lead to actual trade.

The history of waiver trades reaches an inflection point in 2019. The deadline for the waiver trade has disappeared due to the proposal of the Players Association. Now, as the trade deadline has been unified to one day, each team has put all their efforts into non-waiver trades. In addition, as three wild cards were issued for each league, the fight to notice intensified ahead of the deadline.

Unlike the noisy July, August seemed to pass quietly. However, the Los Angeles Angels took on the villain. Lucas Giolito, Matt Moore, Reinaldo Lopez, Hunter Renfro, Randall Grichick and Dominic Leone have all posted waivers. Among them, Giolito, Lopez, Grichick and Leone were brought in at the last deadline. Everyone could not hide their embarrassment at Angel’s unconventional move.

Of course, the Angels aren’t the only ones putting out players. The New York Yankees (Harrison Bader), New York Mets (Carlos Carrasco), Chicago White Sox (Mike Clevinger), and Detroit Tigers (Jose Cisnero) also announced waiver notices. However, it is extremely unusual to organize players in an extreme way like the Angels this year. The influential local media, ‘The Athletic’, described this as ‘exploiting a rule’.

There is no rule the Angels have broken. Teams that are eliminated from postseason contention reorganize their rosters to save salaries. The Angels are also aiming to avoid the luxury tax by handing over the remaining salaries of their players. For reference, all six of the Angels’ waivers will become free agents after this season.토토사이트

The player with the most remaining salary is Renfro. The Angels should pay Renfro about $2 million for the remainder of the season. The Los Angeles area media ‘Orange County Register’ reported that the Angels could save about $7.4 million by sending all six players, including Renfro.

Looking at these parts, the Angels’ decision seems reasonable. It is an intention to prevent even a waste of salary in a situation where it is difficult to advance to the postseason. This is understandable considering that club management is an area of ​​business. Giolito also said, “It’s a business after all.”

The problem is the loss of trust. The management of the club is based on the players. Players also need clubs to belong to, but there is no club without players. At first glance, the Angels’ choice looks like a trick using rules. But other teams can’t be unaware of this. There’s a reason why you don’t do it even though you know it. Because it is against morality. If it comes across as tyrannical, it will not be good for the image of the club. Clubs that players avoid are directly linked to a decline in the value of the club.

Waiver players will take precedence in the reverse order of their performance this year. The Oakland Athletics, who rank lowest overall, are ranked first, and the Atlanta Braves, who rank first overall, are ranked last. If the score is tied, the previous year’s score will be considered. Naturally, teams that have had a hard time advancing to the postseason this year do not pay attention to waiver players. There is no club that wants to increase the team salary by bringing him in.

Then, the team that will show interest will start with the 14th pick Miami Marlins. The 15th ranked Cincinnati Reds, 16th ranked San Francisco Giants, 18th ranked Arizona Diamondbacks, and 20th ranked Chicago Cubs are currently competing for the National League wild card. They can gain an advantage over the competition through a ‘second chance’ to augment their forces.

Just a month ago, the Angels challenged themselves to the postseason while spurring player recruitment. Many people pointed out that it was reckless. However, it was impossible to blindly criticize the team that was determined to win. Although the ambitious voyage did not reach its goal, looking cynically at this attempt is not qualified to discuss ‘sportsmanship to give one’s best until the end’.

However, with this trip, only the Angels’ challenge remained futile. The remaining players also lost their motivation. It made me feel a sense of defeat, worse than defeat.

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