“How did you discover Kim Min-jae?” Florentine legend, ‘surprise’ to Naples general manager

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At the same time, he paid attention to the transfer market last summer. Orlando said, “Napoli showed their ability last summer. Through signing contracts, we improved the team.” praised

“What is noteworthy is that only Napoli general manager Cristiano Giuntoli has discovered two phenomenal players, Kim Min-jae and Hvitza Kvarachhelia. To be honest, I don’t know if I can recruit more players like them later,” Kim Min-jae and Kvara said. It was announced that the recruitment of Tsuhelia was decisive.

Napoli will play a home game against AS Roma in the 20th round of Italian Serie A on the 30th. In this regard, Orlando predicted, “You don’t have to watch the game, because 바카라사이트 are superior to all the rest of Serie A. However, Roma also has a tricky side, so you have to be careful.”

As Orlando mentioned, Kim Min-jae and Kvarazhelia are the key to Napoli’s rise this season. Kim Min-jae leads the league with the least points conceded based on his stable defensive ability, and Kvarazhelia is leading the attack with 7 goals and 7 assists.

What is surprising is their transfer fee. Kim Min-jae spent 18.05 million euros (approximately 24 billion won) when he moved from Fenerbahce. When Kvarachhelia moved from Dinamo Batumi to Napoli, it cost only 10 million euros (approximately 13.5 billion won). With a total of 28.05 million euros, it is possible to have quality resources in the airlift.

If Napoli ends this season with a successful record, it can be said that Giuntoli Napoli general manager Giuntoli’s contribution to discovering Kim Min-jae and Kvarachhelia was very large.

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