Hotel room out 20s woman “help me”…Mongolian deputy mayor arrested in Jeju, why?

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The vice mayor of Mongolia’s Mandal city, who visited Jeju with a performance troupe, has been detained and is being investigated for quasi-rape메이저놀이터.

According to the Jeju East Police Station, Mongolian Mandal City Vice Mayor A, in his 40s, allegedly sexually assaulted Ms. B, a Mongolian woman in her 20s who was part of a performance troupe, at a hotel in Jeju City at around 1 a.m. on April 4.

At the time, Mr. A was reportedly in a drunken state. It is understood that he had eaten at the hotel with the troupe after performing in Jeju the previous afternoon.

Ms. B pushed Mr. A away and fled the room, calling hotel officials for help, and Mr. A was arrested by emergency police.

Mr. A reportedly admitted to some of the charges during the police investigation, but denied the charges during the substantive examination of the arrest warrant. The court issued an arrest warrant for Mr. A, citing concerns about his escape.

It was confirmed that he had visited the event in Seoul as the head of a traditional Mongolian performance troupe and had recently received a merit award at the event.

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