Happy Felix at Chelsea: “I haven’t had a cheerleader in three and a half years at AT”

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Joao Felix, who is spending his rental life at Chelsea, is in a happy state.

Felix was a rising star in Portugal. When he transferred to Atlético in 2019, he recorded a whopping transfer fee of 126 million euros (approximately 175.2 billion won). He didn’t even have bad grades. In his first season, he scored 9 goals and 3 assists in all competitions, and in his second season, he scored 10 goals and 5 assists, leading the team to the Spanish La Liga title.

He looked set to continue his career at Atlético, but rumors of a feud with manager Diego Simeone began circulating this season. Felix’s playing time began to dwindle, and he showed his dissatisfaction, including being very angry at the treatment of him.

After all, Felix joined Chelsea through the transfer window last winter. It is a short term rental of 6 months. Felix signed a contract for a whopping 11 million euros (approximately 14.7 billion won) and 270,000 pounds a week (approximately 400 million won) fully covered by Chelsea.

Chelsea fans welcomed Felix’s arrival. Felix also said he would do his best to play during his loan period. Although he was sent off on his debut for a rough tackle and was suspended for three matches, he recently showed adaptability enough to score his debut goal against West Ham United. He recently pushed out the ‘main player’ mount, who used to play in the offensive midfield position, and is starting himself.

Felix is ​​happy with his Chelsea life. He particularly admires the British-style fans’ cheering culture. Felix replied: “I was at Atlético for three and a half years, but there was no personal hymn. At Chelsea, I had my personal hymn from the first game. Chelsea supporters made individual hymns for all the players. It’s really interesting.”스포츠토토

During his career at Atlético until recently, Felix was playing without fans cheering. After moving to Chelsea, he is moved by the cheering song for him and expresses his gratitude to the fans.

Of course, there are differences in the cheering culture for each league. In fact, while individual cheering songs do not exist in Spanish La Liga, there is a culture of making cheering songs for all players in the English Premier League (EPL).

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