Han Jun-hee “Director Klinsman, Cha Doo-ri and Kim Young-min are very wise”

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◇ Park Jae-hong> CBS Radio Park Jae-hong’s bout part 2 opened. Asian Cup Champion, 2026 World Cup Semifinals. This is the goal presented by coach Jürgen Klinsmann메이저놀이터, who took over as the head coach of the Korean national soccer team, at his inauguration press conference. It is a situation where expectations and fears intersect a lot. Bout We think of ourselves as our commentators.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> CBS.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Han Jun-hee, a commentator for Coupang Play, has been hired. welcome.

◆ Junhee Han> Thank you. hello.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> Exclusive, almost.

◆ Han Jun-hee> How much is the down payment…

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> I will buy you some food.

◇ Park Jae-hong> First of all, coach Klinsman came, but the position of our national team coach is always controversial, so there are many evaluations of this as good or bad. There is a bit of poison this time, controversy.

◆ Han Joon-hee> First of all, the name Klinsman is for those of you here, Professor Jin is an age older than me and a similar age, but in our generation, as a player, he is truly a hero of heroes. Klinsmann has been a really good player throughout his career. In particular, the performance in the World Cup against us in 1994 will probably not be forgotten by Koreans who watched the match at the time.

◆ Kim Seong-hoe> Poet Choi Young-mi, who recently served as a director of the Korea Football

◇ Park Jae-hong> However, Bento also said that the reason the contract was not renewed was that our association paid a 1+3 contract. He said that he would extend it to the next World Cup if he did well after seeing his performance in the Asian Cup. Is Klinsman a similar contract? 1+3. Is it a 4 year warranty?

◆ Junhee Han> No. Coach Klinsmann is a contract that goes all the way to the World Cup.

◇ Park Jae-hong> That’s right. Then, his performance would be very important again, but when he was coaching Hertha Berlin, he suddenly expressed his intention to resign while criticizing the club while broadcasting live on Facebook.

◆ Han Jun-hee> That’s two minutes.

◇ Park Jae-hong> 2019.

◆ Han Jun-hee> In fact, on the surface, the manager’s career has been 20 years, but in reality, this person has managed only 186 games for 20 years. So, based on simple calculations, he actually plays less than 10 games a year. The reason for this is that this person has 4 careers. I coached 4 places: Germany, USA, Bayern, and Hertha. Compared to that, the number of games I actually supervised was quite small. However, among them, Hertha days can be said to be the biggest stain on this person’s career.

◇ Park Jae-hong> My last job was the biggest stain.

◆ Han Joon-hee> Actually, the company spent an unimaginable amount of money compared to usual on recruiting players to support manager Klinsman.

◇ Park Jae-hong> I will finish with the story of Son Heung-min. The latest 99th goal in Tottenham, EPL. And now I’m about to score my 100th goal. How is your form these days, is it getting better?

◆ Han Jun-hee> It’s been less than a month since I scored a goal against West Ham. At the same time, I recently scored again and, as you said, went up to goal 99. Overall, I think this season is a career low except for the season when Son Heung-min first came to Tottenham.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Slump after scoring.

◆ Han Jun-hee> After the career high season, it became a career low season, and somehow it seems that there was not an overfaced aspect last season, and the overall schedule itself was something. I think that it is one of the reasons for not being able to do it. And even though it has been published a lot in the domestic media, Tottenham’s tactics and player composition this season did not help Son Heung-min that much. So, Son Heung-min was really good last season, but this season, it is true that various bad things have fallen off his form, and it is my judgment that many bad things have been combined without much help from the external environment. .

◇ Park Jae-hong> Son Heung-min has only a short season left, so I hope he recovers quickly. Exclusive to the bout, we think. Commentator Han Jun-hee, you can often see our member at Coupang Play. Thank you for today.

◇ Jaehong Park> Did he just leave? on the spot?

◆ Han Jun-hee> Only Klins became a run. So Hertha fans still have a deep grudge against Klinsman, but still.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Aren’t soccer fans and soccer associations playing a joke in our country as well?

◆ Junhee Han> That’s right.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Bento also endured the pressure well and endured well for 4 years, but since director Klinsman is not an ordinary personality, Cha Doo-ri must be by his side to help.

◆ Han Jun-hee> I have coach Kim Young-min who can guarantee the seniority of advisor Cha Doo-ri and continuity with Bentoho. There is Coach Michael Kim, and these two seniors were very wise. I would like to give a very good evaluation.

◇ Jaehong Park> Are you good?

◆ Han Jun-hee> If I talk about this with my conscience.

◇ Park Jae-hong> You don’t have to bet like that. I’ll believe it.

◆ Han Jun-hee> Among the players I know and now retired.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Among the leaders.

◆ Han Jun-hee> That’s how I know until now that Director Cha Du-ri has a very bright and healthy view of soccer. So, I think it will have a very good influence on coach Klinsman, and in the case of coach Kim Young-min, who I mentioned, this coach recorded and kept all the training records during Bentoho days. So, in a way, coach Klinsman’s concerns about a little lack of tactics, I also provide all the data that coach Kim Young-min did before, and if I graft them together, I can guarantee some continuity and become more professional. I think it won’t.

◇ Park Jae-hong> By the way, will director Klinsman live in Korea? Bento has become a huge fan of Korea and wants to come back to Korea. First of all, it seems that Klinsman resides. However, there is no need to reside in Korea for foreign coaches, just communicate through Zoom while watching influential games. Zoom communication method made by Corona We are talking about this part. How do you see this part?

◆ Han Joon-hee> I think so, so I’d like to ask the coaches to enter the country when the A match is almost over, and if not, I think it’s a possible solution to some extent. Because first of all, Klinsman, Cha Doo-ri, and Kim Young-min continue to exist.

◇ Jaehong Park> In Korea?

◆ Han Jun-hee> So, these three people will be able to observe K-League games and our players, and these days, in fact, it is possible to send and send K-League game files and video files to foreign countries. don’t you? So, if the coaches on that side don’t neglect their research while watching our games, I think, no matter how much they live abroad, they really really come in the day before the A match is called, otherwise they come in a little leisurely early and discuss like this In my opinion, it may not be a big problem for some coaches to be abroad. I can’t summon the national team players during that period anyway.

◆ Seonghoe Kim> Starting from now ahead of the Asian Cup, what is the approximate schedule for the convocation?

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> When is the Asian Cup?

◇ Park Jae-hong> January next year.

◆ Han Jun-hee> January next year. In the meantime, in March, June, September, and November, A matches will be played according to the calendar set by FIFA, but the Asian Cup itself is an example of such a process in which we won the championship in 1960 and cannot win anymore. Listen, we talk about us as Asian tigers, but in fact, Korea is the country that has consistently maintained the top spot in the entire history of Asian football. So, for example, in the case of 2007, Iraq came out with the best team in their football history, and Iraq won a thrilling victory at that time.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> It was an accident, then.

◆ Han Jun-hee> And in the case of 2011, we were eliminated by Japan, and in the case of 2015, we went to the finals, but we were eliminated by Australia. However, as you saw in the last World Cup in Qatar, Japan and Australia are basically a power that can beat us anytime. Although it is not strange if we win. And in the case of the last Asian Cup 2019, we were eliminated by Qatar, but Qatar actually got lost during the World Cup, but the Qatari team in 2019 was very strong. So the Asian Cup is where we are always Asian tigers, so why can’t we win the Asian Cup? However, whenever you look at it, teams that show at least the same or better performances than ours always appear in certain Asian Cup competitions. The teams not mentioned here did not mention teams like Iran and Saudi Arabia. So, winning the Asian Cup itself is very difficult, and I think coach Klinsman should take this very seriously and approach it.

◇ Park Jae-hong> I wish I could do well, but there are evaluation matches on the 24th and 28th. We are playing against Colombia and Uruguay, so we can take a look at the light heart, right? Because this is an evaluation game.

◆ Han Jun-hee> I’ll watch it because it’s an evaluation match with a light heart, but I think it will have a very important meaning for coach Klinsman. So, because coach Klinsman basically came to the press conference and did a good job, in fact, the previous criticism and concerns have subsided a little, and as I mentioned before, Doo-ri Cha and Young-min Kim, the foreign coaches that coach Klinsman is bringing again look good. So, starting with Head Coach Hairchoke, the goalkeeper coach is a legend. Also, since I have a very experienced physical coach, etc., overall, I think the coaching staff is somewhat better than I was concerned, and even Cleans seems to have good communication skills, and the level of criticism actually lowered a little. At the same time, baseball has also recently created a lot of topics in a bad way, so the topic about Klinsman has moved to that side.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Now there is only football, let’s see.

◆ Han Jun-hee> Whatever.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> As soon as I came in, the only thing I believed in was football.

◆ Han Jun-hee> Professor Jin has been saying that since before, even before the broadcast. But it’s a really cheesy murder.

◇ Park Jae-hong> The only thing I believe in is soccer.

◆ Seonghoe Kim> There are only two weeks left. Can a team change that much just because Klinsman is there in two weeks?

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> That’s right.

◆ Han Jun-hee> First of all, the selection itself is almost the same as the World Cup members. So, of course, Oh Hyeon-gyu and Lee Ki-je were included, but Oh Hyeon-gyu was actually a reserve striker for the World Cup, and in the case of Lee Ki-je, he has always been a famous player after Bentuho as a left-back player, so this team is actually just Ben. It is a team that has changed only the coaching staff from Tuho. So overall, the game will be played in some extension of the World Cup, but nevertheless, it will be a bit of a burden for Klinsman coach and it has to be. Because the press conference was good this time and the coaching staff was organized to some extent, but if the game against Colombia and Uruguay is really bad, then it can boil again.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> It’s not too long since I started coaching, so it’s a bit hard to see this as a game to evaluate the coaching ability…

◇ Park Jae-hong> That’s right. I hope you enjoy watching it.

◆ Seonghoe Kim> Who do you think will become the crown prince of director Klinsman?

◆ Han Jun-hee> Coach Klinsman’s crown prince, I will push Oh Hyeon-gyu once.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Oh Hyun-gyu of Celtic.

◆ Han Jun-hee> They are the newest players, and the form they are showing right now is not enough for Kyu-seong Cho and Ui-jo Hwang. This evaluation match will be a good opportunity for Oh Hyeon-gyu, and fundamentally, as our soccer has to gradually change generations in the end, we will end up with players who are more earnest or more desperate than the players who have achieved a lot so far. will enter the transition period little by little, but I am looking forward to Oh Hyun-kyu becoming a leader.

Association, talked about manager Klinsman and said that he was inappropriate as a manager because he had never been frustrated and had always been on the road to success. What do you think?

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> There is a difference between a good player and a good manager.

◆ Junhee Han> That’s right. What the two of you have just said is in a slightly similar context. Including the words of poet Choi Young-mi, of course, not all good players become bad coaches. For example, coaches like Johan Cruyff are tactically great enough to change the history of world soccer and go down in history. And coach Franz Beckenbauer also lifted big trophies as a coach himself. So the truth is, these days, coaches like Zinedine Zidane have had quite a bit of success at Real Madrid. So, it’s not a rule that a big player can’t be a good coach, but in general, when you see a big player who can’t be a good coach, it includes some of the elements that poet Choi Young-mi said. So, what is it, when you see it, hey, why can’t you play like this, the hell? is it that hard?

◇ Park Jae-hong> Why can’t I solve this problem? A professor who is good at studying.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> It’s so easy.

◆ Han Jun-hee> The phenomenon that can occur when a striker who has scored goals so well is coaching is that the coach is not only a conductor, but also an educator. You need to be able to teach and point out the details of the students, but honestly, a few years ago, actually, Thierry Henry became the manager for a short time and was fired after only a few months, and Henry actually did that. No, is it that hard? hey look what i do So, even as a manager, he is more confident than the players when it comes to plays like this. That’s why great players sometimes fall into such errors and teach them in detail, rather than being able to do that? In fact, there is a tendency to fail in that way, but I think director Klinsman should never do that in Korea.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> How is your career as a leader?

◆ Han Joon-hee> Coach Klinsman has a very, very, very, very brilliant career as a player, and we know all about his skills, but his career as a leader has its bright and dark sides. So, first of all, Myeong has a track record, this person.

◇ Park Jae-hong> So, as a national team manager, you did well, but as a club manager, your performance was a little poor, so? A match manager.

◆ Han Joon-hee> So the national team Now, when he was coaching the German national team, he won 3rd place in the World Cup in Germany. And even in America.

◇ Park Jae-hong> USA national team coach.

◆ Han Jun-hee> We made it to the round of 16 at the World Cup in Brazil, and we also won the Gold Cup in North and Central America once. So, it’s not that his performance as a national team coach is bad, but now, if you look at it like a microscope, you can see the afterwords or autobiography of the disciples who learned from Klinsman.

◇ Park Jae-hong> The reviews are not good.

◆ Han Jun-hee> These days, our fans all know.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> Gossip.

◆ Junhee Han> That’s right. So Klinsman actually gave almost no tactical instructions.

◇ Park Jae-hong> For example, I only ordered physical training, right?

◆ Junhee Han> That’s right. The person who taught tactics was Löw, the coach at the time who later coached the German national team, and the German players at that time said that, and even during his time in the United States, his results came out for a while, but in the end, he also had a discord with the players. I lost, and later, a little bit of a tactical problem came up again, and in the end, my grades in the US got worse and worse as I went later than at the beginning. So, first of all, he is a person with tangible results, and the aura that a superstar has. It also appeared at the press conference this time, but in fact, this person has been a superstar for a long time, so now he has communication skills.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Media friendly, right?

◆ Han Jun-hee> And even if the media asks an aggressive question, I think I’m very strong at overcoming it very nicely. If you show that kind of temperament well in communication with the players, you will be able to bring good leadership or something like that. Anyway, the worrying part is that this is not always a good thing in the national team, and the assistant of a competent coach plays a decisive role. I did, because there are these evaluations. And as anchor Park Jae-hong said a while ago, I was really not good at this at the club. There’s really nothing special about the club.

◇ Park Jae-hong> It’s insignificant.

◆ Seonghoe Kim> What did you explain why the association chose Klinsman as coach?

◆ Han Jun-hee> Actually, that explanation wasn’t enough this time. So, compared to when coach Paulo Bento was appointed, at that time, the person who was in charge of the Power Reinforcement Committee at the time, Chairman Kim Pan-gon, actually revealed everything to the public except for the very details that should be kept secret. So, we actually contacted such and such people, but this person rejected us, this person did not like the coaching staff he had, and so on. . So he was appointed. In fact, I was able to wash away the public’s concerns about Director Bento by speaking a little frankly like this. But this time, in fact, some candidates competed with coach Klinsman, and in some respects, coach Klinsman had the upper hand, so we elected this person. Others have rejected us for some reason or some details like that have not been revealed this time around.

◇ Park Jae-hong> The reason is that the technical chairman is Müller. He is not from Korea, but Müller is from Germany. So, Director Park Hang-seo said bitterly that the Technical Committee should be a Korean person, but how do you agree?

◆ Han Jun-hee> I didn’t agree with Director Park’s remarks in the first place.

◇ Jaehong Park> In the first place?

◆ Han Joon-hee> After a while, there is no such thing. However, I do not agree with director Park Hang-seo’s remarks, which I respect no matter how much I respect them. Foreigners can do it.

◇ Park Jae-hong> You can do it.

◆ Han Jun-hee> If you have expertise in that field. However, since the press conference that Chairman Muller held a week before Klinsman came to be coached was so lacking in content and consistent with disappointing answers, I wondered if it was okay to hold a press conference like that when I was not prepared. The performance of the chairman can only be given a very, very low score compared to Klinsman’s press conference performance.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> How is the relationship between the two of you?

◇ Park Jae-hong> Müller and Klinsmann?

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> Did you have to say that Klinsman played a huge role in selecting the director?

◆ Han Jun-hee> By the way, there is a journalist from a German football fanatic who is more proficient than I am, but I know that the two of them are so similar in age and German, but they don’t have that kind of contact.

◇ Jaehong Park> Aren’t they close friends?

◆ Han Jun-hee> So, rather than saying that Chairman Müller appointed Klinsmann as manager for some exact reason, it was basically that the president of the Korea Football Association, Chung Mong-kyu, preferred manager Klinsman. I did.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Chairman Chung Mong-gyu?

◆ Han Joon-hee> So, I talked to the president, and we knew each other well before, and he observed the Korean national team very carefully and deeply in this World Cup and Qatar World Cup. There was talk of saying that it was a team worthy of a challenge, and that it was done because he also had a relationship with Chairman Chung Mong-gyu, but in fact, there was no opportunity to compare it with other specific candidates this time.

◆ Seonghoe Kim> If you score 3 goals, you can score 4 goals.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> Offensive soccer.

◆ Seonghoe Kim> You only talked about attack soccer, but was this your original style and are you trying to do that in Korea as well?

◇ Park Jae-hong> You can put it in yourself, but you can’t. The problem is.

◆ Han Jun-hee> So, first of all, it has something in common with what I said earlier. You can say that he scored 3 or 4 goals very easily, but in Klinsmann’s career there are also games where he scores 3 or 4 goals per game, so you can say that. But, in fact, this is the situation we have to face in the actual battle with such aspirations. In fact, it’s good to set the goal high, so I’m not dissatisfied with what you said. Because the players also want to receive it, I think that in fact, a little different content can come out in practice.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> If you look closely at the 2002 World Cup, our players were very defensive and very stable because of their objective skills. Then, when there was a chance, he went and scored a goal and overturned overturned. However, if you are talking about attacking soccer, as I said before, you need something like attacking ability to score 4 goals at once. Is this suitable for our team?

◆ Han Joon-hee> I think we talked about manager Klinsman first, but we have the Asian Cup and the Asian World Cup regional qualifiers are coming again, right? However, from now on, since 48 teams will participate in the World Cup finals, the tickets allocated to Asia are 8 and 1/3. So for us to imagine going out of 8 1/3 in Asia, that’s a bit too much of an imagination. So, in a way, I think the World Cup regional qualifiers may go a little more smoothly than before, but the question is whether we can really beat all the strong Asian opponents by pouring in 3 or 4 goals as coach Klinsman said in the Asian Cup. First of all, there will be a final match in Qatar in January next year, so these days, so fans now have 48 countries in the World Cup, and the Asian Cup, relatively speaking, since we haven’t won a championship since 1960, soccer mania and fans are now also in the Asian Cup. I am very thirsty to win the Asian Cup. If director Klinsman actually does this, perhaps the concerns about manager Klinsman we’re talking about could disappear completely like spring snow.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> After hearing what he said, I understand a little, but as soon as this person comes, he will win the Asian Cup, he will go to the World Cup semifinals, because German people don’t say things like that.

◆ Han Jun-hee> Actually, this person has lived in the United States for a long time, so he has a slightly more American temperament.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> So. He’s got a little bit of confidence as a player, so…

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> Didn’t we still lose 3:2?

◆ Han Jun-hee> We lost really well, but we fought very, very well.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon>

◆ Han Jun-hee> It was actually acknowledged that way in Germany. I think you know Germany better because Professor Jin is an expert. They admitted that Germany was really scolded against us, and in that heat, it was a game that we would have won if we had a little more time, but anyway, that’s a family law, and the conclusion is that we lost because of Klinsman’s great goals. But in the end, only Klins scored 11 goals in total in the World Cup, including 2 goals against us.

◆ Jin Joong-kwon> 11 goals.

◇ Park Jae-hong> Only at the World Cup.

◆ Han Jun-hee> It is almost impossible to score 11 double-digit goals in the World Cup alone unless you are a superstar. So actually, if we go into some old concept of ours, if someone from a big name like Klinsman came as a director, wouldn’t we have been like this before? Wow, Korea is really great now. They say someone like Klinsman is coming and they just die. It could have been, but fans these days don’t.

◇ Park Jae-hong> The eye level has risen.

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