“God, why is this happening to me…” Puig “But I will not give up”

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Yasiel Puig is having a tough time.

Puig, who is embroiled in a legal battle over an illegal sports betting scandal, feels that his return to the major leagues is on the way.

In addition, even Kiwoom Heroes gave up on renewing the contract, leaving them with nowhere to go.

In response, Puig expressed his painful state of mind to God.

On the 14th (Korean time), Puig posted on Instagram Story, “God, it’s not easy. But I promise you. I will not give up. I don’t know why this is happening to me right now. But I still trust you. ”, quoted the voice dubbing.

The current situation is painful, but it shows the will to overcome it.

Puig made his presence known by appearing in person at the recent Winter Meetings in San Diego. However, it did not secure his major league contract.

That doesn’t mean I won’t give up. 안전놀이터

Puig is relaxing with his Hunjae sons. He recently threw a big party with his friends and relatives to celebrate his birthday.

Puig is likely to return to South America, such as Mexico, if his return to the major leagues is not easy.

First of all, it is urgent to solve legal problems.

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