‘Go Young-Jun’s final goal’ Hwang Seon-Hong-Ho defeats Iraq and wins 2 consecutive Doha Cups

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Hwang Seon-hong-ho succeeded in winning two consecutive games.

The Olympic team led by Hwang defeated Iraq 1-0 at the Doha Cup U-22 friendly tournament held at the Qatar Club Stadium in Doha카지노, Qatar on the 26th (Korean time). Following the 3-0 win over Oman, they succeeded in winning their second game in a row.

Coach Hwang brought out a completely different starting lineup from the first game that day. Some rotations were operated to check the players. However, it was not easily attacked by the Iraqi offensive. Rather, it gave Iraq a chance and made the game difficult. Goalkeeper Kim Jeong-hoon made a save.

And at the start of the second half, Lee Tae-seok and Hwang Jae-won were put in at the same time, and in the 10th and 20th minutes of the second half, Ko Young-jun and Hong Si-hoo were put in to try to change the attack. And in the 44th minute of the second half, the goal finally came out. Hong Si-hoo made an infiltration pass, and Go Young-jun, who exquisitely broke through the defensive line, entered the penalty box and shook the Iraqi net with a non-stop right-footed shot. Hwang Seon-Hong-Ho, who saved 1 goal in extra time, kept the victory. b

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