From ‘Shootdori’ to ‘Asia’s first’…Lee Kang-in challenges the new history of Asia

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Lee Kang-in continues to write new history크크크벳.

On the 26th (Korean time), the Spanish La Liga announced the April candidates for the ‘Spanish La Liga Player of the Month’ through the official SNS. Along with Lee Kang-in, Iñaki Williams (Bilbao), Ronald Araujo (Barcelona), Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid), Marco Asensio (Real Madrid), Yusuf En-Nesiri (Sevilla), and Selim Amala (Valladolid) are named. raised

Lee Kang-in in April 2022 shocked Korean soccer fans. Kang-in Lee’s performance, which had been unusual since the first game in April against Real Valladolid, began to explode from the match against Celta Vigo. Although Lee Kang-in had no offensive points, he properly proved why he was the ace of Mallorca.

He succeeded in dribbling 9 times and led the attack by recording 4 key passes. It was the first record in 14 years since Gonzalo Castro in 2009 that a Mallorca player successfully dribbled 9 times in one game. Based on this, Lee Kang-in was proudly selected as one of the best eleven in Europe’s top 5 leagues by, a soccer statistics media.

Thanks to Lee Kang-in’s crazy performance, Mallorca succeeded in reversing the atmosphere by adding 3 points in about 2 months. If the winless period continued for a long time, they could have suffered in the relegation zone until the end of the season.

Lee Kang-in, who was disappointed that there was only an attacking point for the Celta non-classical match, made history by scoring the first Korean multi-goal in La Liga against Getafe. In the 11th minute of the second half when Lee Kang-in was trailing 0-1, he calmly pushed the second ball and scored the equalizer. In the second half of extra time, he grabbed the ball from below the half line and ran, calmly finishing a one-on-one chance and scoring a key goal.

Lee Kang-in, the first Korean to score multiple goals in La Liga, was selected by Spain’s ‘Marca’ and included Lee Kang-in’s name in the team of the week in La Liga. Local fans picked Lee Kang-in as the best player in the 30th round of La Liga. The official La Liga social media highlighted Lee Kang-in’s good record against Getafe while calling him “the architect of victory.” Football statistics media ‘Foot Mob’ also selected Lee Kang-in as the best eleven in La Liga.

In the match against Atletico Madrid, where he played as a substitute, Lee Kang-in received a lot of attention for his fantastic breakthrough reminiscent of Lionel Messi. Lee Kang-in, who played a big role throughout April, was named La Liga Player of the Month for April. This is the second time Lee Kang-in has been nominated for the La Liga Player of the Month award since last August.

Now, the focus is on whether or not Lee Kang-in will win the award. If he wins the Player of the Month award, it’s history again. La Liga has introduced and awarded the Player of the Month award since 2013, but no Asian player has ever won the award in more than 10 years of history.Realistically, it is true that the possibility of winning is difficult. Fans can also vote for the Player of the Month award, but Mallorca is one of the less popular teams compared to Real Madrid and Barcelona. It is also true that he lacks offensive points compared to his rivals. Atletico Madrid’s ace Antoine Griezmann scored 2 goals and 2 assists in April alone, and Marco Asensio, who is performing like Altoran in Real Madrid, scored 3 goals and 3 assists.

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