‘From last place to second place’, KT’s magic ‘shake the board’

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Professional baseball KT is making the ranking battle interesting by making a great reversal, jumping from last place to second place.

The fight for 5th place between Doosan, KIA and Lotte is also expected to become more intense.

Reporter Lee Moo-hyung’s report.토토사이트

KT, which fell to the bottom in early June, made a magical twist in the second half.

KT has gone 24-5 in the last 10 three-game matches, and has not shown a single inferiority.

The win rate during this period reaches 0.828.

At one time, there were 14 fewer wins than losses, but now 12 more wins, and the ranking that was last became sole second place.

The secret to the magical reversal is the league’s best starting lineup.

Young-pyo Koh, who ranked first overall in quality starts, and Benjamin, a foreign pitcher who was nominated for MVP in July.

Cuevas, who was re-recruited as a member of the Korean Series championship two years ago, is playing the role of a victory fairy with 7 wins and undefeated.

Five starters, including Eom Sang-baek and Bae-seong, are recording the only 2-point team ERA among 10 clubs in the second half.

[Ko Young-pyo/KT: “The starters pitch a lot of innings, so I feel like I’m not going to lose. Everyone is enjoying baseball at the dugout…”] Doosan, KIA, and Lotte’s ‘5

‘ ‘River Fight’ is also interesting.

This week is the biggest hurdle toward fall baseball for 7th place Lotte.

Today, the opponent of the three-game series during the week is LG, who runs the sole lead.

On the weekend, we have to play an unavoidable game against KT, which is in a state of turmoil.

First, while KIA, which has three consecutive matches during the week with KT, is also prepared for an all-out war, Doosan seeks to escape from sluggishness against the lowest-ranked Kiwoom.

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