Former WBA, WBC, and UFC champion Holly Holm who sunk Ronda Rousey in the past. Fight at 41 – UFC on the 26th

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Holly Holm is a faded star. She’s the first female fighter to top the WBA, WBC and UFC, but she’s gone through the years.

Holm is an unbeatable boxer who defended her title 16 times, winning the WBA and WBC bantamweight titles. Of course, Rouji’s complete victory스포츠토토. Home was an underdog around plus or minus 600. However, the result was a KO win in 59 seconds in the second inning of the home. Home, who even received the Rookie of the Year Award as the protagonist of the biggest surprise of the year, fought well in the first defense battle, but lost the title to Mischa Tate at the last minute. 7 years since then. Holm became an ‘old warrior’ at 41. Rousey at that time is retired and active as a movie star, but he is still guarding the Octagon. In May of last year, she lost to Caetlin Vieira in a match she played in about two years, ending her winning streak, but recently signed a six-game contract with the UFC and will compete at UFC ESPN 43 on the 26th. “My goal is always to be a champion. You don’t have to stay in the Octagon if you don’t plan to become a champion. I can and I will show you soon.” Home, third in the women’s bantamweight rankings, was confident of winning at Media Day on the 23rd. She said she would take the throne as well as she would once again. Santos is a 33-year-old “young fighter” fighting Holly Holm, the top fighter of yesteryear who is sure of becoming the 41-year-old champion. As the sixth-ranked striker who once sparred with Home, his UFC record is 6 wins and 4 losses. He is inferior in his skills and fist prowess, but excels in power.

Holly Holm forgets her age and sets her goal again. He wants to be the female version of Glover Teixeira, who became light heavyweight champion at age 42.

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