‘Forgotten’ the rules due to forgetfulness… Last with two penalty strokes

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A player on the DP World Tour, which has an authority comparable to the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour, was penalized twice in one round because of 메이저놀이터‘forgetfulness’.

The main character of the tragedy is Julien Brun (31, photo) from France. At the Italian Open held at the Marco Simone GC (par 71) in Rome, Italy on the 8th (Korean time), Brun scored a final total of 15 over par 299 and finished last among players who passed the cut. In the third round the previous day, it was crucial to hit 83, which was 12 more than the required number of strokes.

Brunn made two unbelievable mistakes for a pro golfer in the third round. In hole 1 (par 4), he received a penalty for picking up and wiping the ball before the second shot. It was a mistake made by forgetting that the preferred lie rule (temporary rule allowing the ball to be moved to a better position due to bad weather conditions), which was applied in the first and second rounds, was withdrawn from the third round. He eventually scored a bogey on that hole.

Brun made the same mistake again on the 6th hole (par 4) even though he paid for it with a penalty stroke. He unconsciously picked it up again in this hole to clean it. I hesitated for a moment, but it was after the water spilled because I had already touched the ball. He lost another stroke and wrote down the bogey.

As if his ‘mental’ was shaken, Brun continued to collapse afterwards. He committed a double bogey by dropping his tee shot into the water on holes 8 and 11 (par 4 above), and also lost another two strokes by sending his tee shot off the course on the following hole 12 (par 5). OB also appeared in the 14th hole (par 4).

Mistakes continued on the green. On the 11th hole, I missed a bogey putt that was less than 1m long, and on the 12th hole, I also missed a putt that was a little over 1m long. He also threw a 1.5m putt on the 17th hole (par 3). In the end, even after catching three birdies, he had no choice but to stop at bats in the 80s. As if devastated, Brun wrote on his social media after the game, “I just couldn’t do it,” and “Enjoy golf anyway.”

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