‘Five consecutive losses’ Woori Card vs ‘four consecutive losses escaped’ Korean Air

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Woori Card and Korean Air will face off in the 5th round. 카지노사이트 The two teams will start the match at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul at 7:00 pm on the 17th.

The home team Woori Card is in 4th place with 14 wins and 14 losses and 41 points, while the away team Korean Air continues to lead with 20 wins and 8 losses and 59 points. It’s a match between 1st and 4th.

Judging from the standings, both teams are fighting fiercely. Woori Card is continuing its ranking fight with KEPCO (13-16, 42 points) in 3rd place, and OK Financial Group (14-15, 41 points) in 5th place. In the current situation, the probability that one of the three teams will be pushed to fifth place and the other two teams will play the semi-playoffs is very high. In order to create an advantageous situation in this fierce composition, victory and victory point management are desperately needed.

Korean Air is racing to lead, but recently, Hyundai Capital (18 wins, 10 losses, 55 points) in second place is in fierce pursuit. Today’s game is very important to widen the points gap again.

The four matches between Woori Card and Korean Air this season were tight with 2 wins and 2 losses. Woori Card won 3-2 in rounds 1 and 4, and Korean Air won 3-0 in rounds 2 and 3. A tight match is expected today as well.

Our card is currently in a five-game losing streak. 4 out of 5 games were final set bloody fights. The losing streak is getting longer as he can’t grab the last 5 sets. We desperately need a win today.

In Woori Card, the recent performance of Song Hee-chae catches the eye. However, the performances of Na Kyung-bok and Agamez should be more active on the court. This part is the checkpoint of today’s game.

Korean Air has recently suffered from a four-game losing streak. It was significant to win 3-1 against KB Insurance on the 14th and earn 3 points along with the victory. We are aiming for a winning streak through today’s game.

For Korean Air, Jeong Han-yong is getting a chance due to the recent injury of Kwak Seung-seok. Depending on how active Jeong Han-yong is, he can be a barometer for maintaining the team’s strength. The performance of Lincoln and Jeong Ji-seok is a basic part.

Attention is drawn to the confrontation between the two teams today. The 2 wins and 2 losses against each other represent the meeting between the two teams, which have been fierce so far. The team that wins today will be ahead in the opponent’s record.

In particular, attention is focused on the fact that it is a confrontation between Woori Card, which is trying to escape from 5 consecutive losses, and Korean Air, which is aiming for a consecutive victory after escaping from 4 consecutive losses.

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