FIFA ranking ‘extinction’ North Korean women’s football… South Korea fell 2 notches

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The FIFA ranking of Korean women’s football led by Colin Bell has reached 17th.

On the 24th (Korean time)메이저놀이터, FIFA announced the FIFA women’s football rankings for March. Korea ranked 17th, two steps down from last December’s ranking.

It was ranked 4th among Asian countries. Australia ranked 10th, the highest among Asian Football Confederation (AFC) members. It was followed by Japan at 11th and China at 13th. 

The peculiarity is that North Korea is excluded. It was ranked 10th in the last ranking, but this time the country name disappeared altogether.

In addition, Saudi Arabia was the first to be named and attracted attention. He entered the FIFA rankings for the first time at number 171.

The United States maintained the top spot, while European countries such as Germany, Sweden, England, and France ranked second to fifth, occupying the top spot. 

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