‘False diagnosis of epilepsy’ Kim Seung-jun and Kim Myung-jun, sentenced to 1 year in prison

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Prosecutors sought 1 year in prison each for Kim Seung-jun (29, former Suwon FC) and Kim Myeong-jun (29, Gyeongnam FC), who were charged카지노사이트 with trying to avoid military service with a false diagnosis of epilepsy.

At a trial held on the morning of the 12th at the hearing of Judge Kim Yoon-hee of the Seoul Southern District Court Criminal 9, the prosecution said, “Although he confessed to the crime, there is a need for punishment, such as the fact that he cheated to avoid military service.”

Kim Myeong-jun and Kim Seung-joon are suspected of attempting to evade military service by receiving fake epilepsy scenarios after giving 60 million won and 50 million won, respectively, to a military service broker named Gu (49) last year. In the first physical examination for military service, they were judged for active service with a physical grade of 1.

Afterwards, he pretended to have epilepsy following Gu’s instructions. In November of last year, Kim Myeong-joon received a 7th grade, which is subject to reexamination, and Kim Seung-joon was judged to be a 5th grade exemption from military service in January of last year for wartime labor. Both defendants admitted their charges in their final statements and asked for mercy, saying they would voluntarily enlist in the military.

Meanwhile, the sentencing hearings for Kim Myeong-jun and Kim Seung-jun will be held on the 14th of next month.

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