Existence like sweet rain in KGC… Libero from OH, who sweated heavily in the off-season, started flying

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Ko Min-ji (24) of KGC Ginseng Corporation, who worked harder than anyone else in the off-season, is finally starting to get a feel for it.

Ko Min-ji made an off-season decision. It was to try to change his position. Originally, Go Min-ji’s position was an outside heater. He once scored the most points in a game, 17 points, and his serve is also an attractive player. In his professional career, he appeared in 285 games, scoring 481 points and scoring a 28.27% attack success rate.

However, there were limitations. it’s the kidney Ko Min-ji is 173cm tall and is short as a striker. Even though volleyball is not a sport that is played only by height, he clearly has limitations in succeeding as a short striker.

KGC Ginseng Corporation also decided to entrust Ko Min-ji, who has a stable receiving, as the libero position in a situation where it is difficult for the main player, Libero Nolan, to return during the regular season due to an Achilles tendon rupture injury. Go Min-ji has been put in as a resource to strengthen the rear defense during the season, and last season’s receive efficiency was 53%, and the total receiving efficiency was 35%. He is a player with a sense of stability in receiving.

He has been far from a starter so far. Maybe it’s a good chance to finish the season with a spot in the first week after his debut. So Ko Min-ji sweated harder than anyone else in the off-season. Knowing that he lacks more than other libero players, he devoted himself to receiving training day and night.

In a previous meeting with a reporter, Ko Min-ji said, “When I played as an outside hitter, I felt less pressure, but the libero is a professional defense player. He should be well received,” he said. “He is helping a lot around him. He puts the pressure down and tries to have fun and have fun. He will make his own routine and do his best.”

However, after the season started, there was no place for Go Min-ji. Choi Hyo-seo, a rookie libero, showed a sense of stability in receiving while training, and was moderated from the opening game. The role of Go Min-ji is the second libero. There were only 2 matches in the 1st round.

However, he says that if you wait hard and prepare, opportunities will come. In the match against Heungkuk Life Insurance on November 18th, Choi Hyo-seo was shaken by the opponent’s strong serve, and coach Koh Hee-jin put in Go Min-ji. Ko Min-ji showed his ability here. He recorded a receiving efficiency of 71.43% (10.14).

Since then, KGC Ginseng Corporation’s receive was in charge of Go Min-ji. Go Min-ji played 6 games and recorded 3.364 digs per set with a receiving efficiency of 47.12%. If you look at the 2nd round alone, it is in the 8th place in receiving efficiency.

The first game of the 3rd round, the Pepper Savings Bank match, also flew. He led the team to a 3-0 victory with a receiving efficiency of 42.86% and 17 digs, the most for both teams.

If you show a sense of stability in receiving now, it seems that you will continue to take the libero position as the main player of KGC Ginseng Corporation for the time being. Also, Choi Hyo-seo, who showed a surprise performance in the first round, is preparing when it is shaken. 메이저놀이터

KGC Ginseng Corporation is dreaming of the first spring volleyball after the 2016-17 season. In order to secure victory, it starts with receiving. Can Ko Min-ji continue to give strength to the team in receiving?

KGC Ginseng Corporation will have a match against Heungkuk Life Insurance at home on the 17th.

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