‘Euratchacha’ Korean weightlifting… New history every step of the way

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The growth of the Korean weightlifting team is scary. The national team recently achieved good results in each weight class at the youngest World Weightlifting Championships, raising hopes for a medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games. Park Hye-jeong (20, Goyang City Hall) won three gold medals in the women’s heavyweight division, and on the last day of the competition, Lee Je-sang (29, Gyeongnam Province) broke the Korean record for clean and jerk in the men’s heavyweight weightlifting division.

Lee Je-sang set a new Korean record by lifting 241kg in the third period of the clean and jerk in the men’s 109kg and over category at the 2023 World Weightlifting Championships held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on the 18th (Korean time). The weight set by the Korea Weightlifting Federation as the Korean standard record for the men’s heavyweight clean and jerk in 2018 was 240 kg, and Lee Je-sang lifted 1 kg more than this, breaking the record that had not been broken for five years.

Although he failed to win a medal, breaking the Korean record is a great achievement as Korean weightlifting follows other countries in this weight class. Lee Je-sang was awarded for snatch 175kg (18th place), clean and jerk 241kg (6th place), and total weight 416kg (8th place), breaking the records of Russia Talakadze (29, Georgia), winner of this weight class and Olympic champion (220kg snatch, It did not reach the standard of 253 kg (253 kg), total weight (473 kg).

This World Weightlifting Championships was an opportunity to discover the potential of Korean athletes. In particular, the day before, Park Hye-jeong (20, Goyang City Hall) achieved a feat that even Jang Mi-ran could not achieve in the women’s heavyweight division. Park Hye-jeong achieved the feat of winning gold medals in all three categories, lifting 124kg in snatch, 165kg in clean and jerk, and 289kg in total. It was an even more valuable result because she defeated Olympic champion Li Wenwen (China), who was considered her most threatening competitor.온라인카지노

Korea ranked 6th overall in terms of total medals, with 1 gold medal, 2 silver medals, and 2 bronze medals. Including the medals won in each weight class and clean and jerk, a total of 18 medals were won in the men’s and women’s divisions. This is remarkable growth, considering that only three bronze medals were won in total at last year’s competition in Bogota, Colombia.

In addition, Won Jong-beom (27, Gangwon Provincial Office) in the men’s 96kg class and Jang Yeon-hak (26, Asan City Hall) won silver medals in the 109kg class, and Jeong A-ram (25, Incheon City Hall) in the women’s 87kg class and Park Min-kyung (26, Gyeongbuk Development Company) in the 64kg class. Corporation) won the bronze medal. Among them, all players except Park Min-kyung will participate in the Asian Games.

After successfully completing the preliminary round, the national team now turns its attention to the Asian Games. Since Korea has not produced a gold medalist since Jang Mi-ran, the top women’s heavyweight, at the Guangzhou Games in 2010, the national team is devoting itself to training with the determination to continue the gold streak that has been broken for 13 years. The Asian Games weightlifting will be held from the 30th to October 7th.

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