diminished interest? Kim Doyoung “I’ll show you my grown up image”

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Kim Do-young (20, KIA Tigers) set two goals for 2023. It is a leap to the starting lineup and the promotion of the Asian Games national team. 

Kim Do-young was the rookie who received the most attention at the beginning of last season (2022). When he was in high school, he was evaluated as an infielder with both ball, defense and state abilities, and was nominated by KIA in the 2022 first draft. He also earned the modifier ‘the second Lee Jong-beom’. 안전놀이터

Kim Do-young raised his expectations by ranking first in batting average (0.432) in an exhibition game last year. In the regular season opener against the LG Twins, he also started as the first batter and third baseman. However, Kim Do-young soon realized the high wall of the professional stage. He was pushed to the bench after a batting average of only 0.179 in 22 games he played in March and April. In the 2022 season, he left a shabby record of batting average of 0.237, 3 homers and 19 RBIs. 

Kim Do-young is currently digesting KIA’s first spring camp in Tucson, Arizona, USA. In the toss batting, he hit a series of exciting hits and showed good condition. The effort to strengthen the core through weight training and Pilates all winter seems to be bearing fruit. 
It is true that interest in Kim Do-young has decreased compared to last year. Currently, the player who is attracting the most attention at the KIA camp is first-round rookie pitcher Yoon Young-cheol. 

Kim Do-young said, “I couldn’t do it last season, so my expectations must have been lower. I’m not sad. ‘Now I want to show my skills and my growth’.” Kim Do-young then laughed, saying, “I digest overseas training that I hadn’t experienced in high school. I felt like I became a professional player. I think it would be fun and I’m excited. I have a lot of confidence that I can do better than I did at this time last year.” 

Kim Do-young took last year’s failure as nourishment. After several trials and errors, he said, “It is true that I was lost at bat while changing my batting form frequently, but at the end of the season I maintained my established form. The seniors said, “There is.” I plan to maintain this form without being shaken in the upcoming season.” 

Kim Do-young is receiving a lot of help from senior infielders Ryu Ji-hyeok and Park Chan-ho. While Ryu Ji-hyeok is the type to say things that boost confidence, Park Chan-ho is said to point out problems directly. 

Kim Do-young competes with Ryu Ji-hyeok for the starting third baseman this season. To regain his own main position (shortstop), Park Chan-ho must also pass. However, they are the strongest supporters to Kim Do-young. 

In his last season, his self-confidence was eroded by a lackluster start. Kim Do-young will not repeat the same mistake. He believes that grades in April and May are important not only to compete for the starting position but also to qualify for the Hangzhou Asian Games in September. Kim Do-young raised his voice, saying, “First of all, my biggest goal is to instill faith in me to KIA coach Kim Jong-guk, and to establish myself as a starter. . 

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