‘Did our strongman touch it!’ Punishment of Korean spicy taste, Valverde scolded

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 Federico Valverde (Real Madrid) was scolded by the spicy ‘baptism of booing’.

The Korean national soccer team, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany), is playing a friendly match against Uruguay at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th.

There is a ‘matchup’ that draws attention온라인바카라. It is the clash between Lee Kang-in (Real Mallorca) and Valverde. The ‘bad relationship’ between the two dates back to about 4 months ago.

It was November of last year. Korea faced Uruguay in the first leg of Group H of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. At the time, Valverde was booed for a useless provocation in the second half of extra time. He competed for the ball with Lee Kang-in. He pushed Lee Kang-in away with a rough struggle. Valverde did not hide his emotions and provoked the so-called ‘uppercut ceremony’. Even in an absurd situation, Lee Kang-in stood up with a calm face. Valverde’s provocation did not change anything. The match ended 0-0.

Valverde also provoked Lee Kang-in in his team’s game. Last February, Real Mallorca and Real Madrid faced off in the Spanish Primera Liga in the 2022-2023 season. Valverde attempted a rough tackle to block Lee Kang-in’s play. Lee Kang-in fell to the ground and complained of his pain. The referee pulled out a yellow card for Valverde. Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti immediately called Valverde to the bench. Valverde was caught even after stepping back to the bench.

Lee Kang-in and Valverde met again. They clashed in Lee Kang-in’s ‘Anbang’. Fans started to punish Valverde for provoking him. When Valverde’s face came out at the player’s entrance, he was booed wildly. Even when Valverde came out as a corner kicker, he was always booed. It was truly Valverde’s ‘K-spicy booing’.

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