Core’ Kim Jong-woo, director Lee Jeong-hyo, who suffered, the alternative is the new face Jeong Ji-hoon

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Coach Lee recently suffered the pain of sending Kim Jong-woo to the Pohang Steelers. After failing to renew the contract with Shin Jin-ho, Pohang dropped Kim Jong-woo while looking for a replacement, and succeeded in recruiting with an active attitude of paying even a buyout. From the director’s point of view, it happened that his favorite student was taken away in an instant.

Plans also went awry. Coach Lee planned to actively utilize Kim Jong-woo in the K-League 1 in the 2023 season. Last year, the two spent time adjusting to each other. Kim Jong-woo, who lacked playing time in the first half, came to an agreement through communication with coach Lee, and contributed to his leap forward in the second half. Coach Lee considered Kim Jong-woo, who had K-League 1 experience, as the center of his team, and also conceived of tactics. 메이저사이트

Kim Jong-woo, who was classified as an essential player for the team, left the team during training. From the director’s point of view, it is both embarrassing and painful. He said, “When I heard that Pohang was proposing, he said that he could never transfer. But he had no choice but to pay the buyout. At first, to be honest, I was angry and confused. Jongwoo is getting better after adapting well to the team, so I really looked forward to this year. Communication with me was good, so I had a good feeling.” Jong-woo is getting better, so shouldn’t we congratulate him? he had a good time Director Kim Ki-dong also called me saying he was sorry. I will go to Pohang and cheer for them to do better.”

Gwangju is looking for a replacement for Kim Jong-woo and is proceeding with recruitment. However, since the transfer market has already been open for quite some time, and it is difficult to find a suitable alternative, coach Lee plans to fill the vacant position of Kim Jong-woo through his internal manpower.

The replacement candidate Lee chose is rookie Jung Ji-hoon. Jeong Ji-hoon, born in 2004, is a rookie high school graduate from Yuseong Life Science High School. He is evaluated as a real player who has been recognized for his skills on the high school stage, such as scoring 5 goals in one game at the Presidential Geumbae National High School Football Tournament.

Director Lee said, “I like the speed and the posture. He has sense too. He said he would make Jung Ji-hoon a hit for the 2023 season, saying, “I’m the same age as my son, so I’m trying to cherish him.”

Coach Lee recognized Jung Ho-yeon’s potential and skills last year and actively hired him. Expectations are high that Jung Ji-hoon will become the new Cinderella this year.

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