Choi Won-ho, the reason for pulling out the Williams No. 2-Chae Eun-sung No. 4 card.

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Hanwha made a few changes to their starting lineup against SSG on the 8th.

The batting order was right fielder Lee Jin-young, left fielder Nick Williams, third baseman Noh Si-hwan, first baseman Chae Eun-sung, catcher Choi Jae-hoon, designated hitter Kim Gun, center fielder Moon Hyun-bin, and shortstop Lee Do-yoon.

Most notable is Nick Williams’ placement in the No. 2 spot. “We kept getting stuck in the fourth and fifth spots, so we put Kim In-hwan in the second spot, and he had more than 100 at-bats against left-handed pitchers, but the results were too bad,” Choi said.메이저사이트

“Chae Eun-sung also batted fifth, which may have affected his hitting cycle, but it was bad. There were times when we skipped Noh and faced Williams. If I can’t hit, I keep skipping him. We decided that Chae Eun-sung was better than Williams after Noh Si-hwan.”

Ahead of the game, Hanwha designated pitcher Park Jun-young for assignment and designated infielder Kim Geon for assignment. Chae is batting just 2-for-10 in the first team this season, but has shown a high-sensitivity bat in the Futures League, going 3-for-8 (40-for-105) with four home runs and 29 RBIs.

“Since I was the manager of the Futures League, I tell my hitters to be aggressive and aggressive. If you try to be too selective, your timing will be late and you won’t be able to show your best. Kim is an aggressive hitter by nature.”

On infielder Oh Sun-jin, who has been sidelined with a right hamstring injury, he said, “I’m training, but I haven’t played yet. He will play in the Futures game this weekend at the earliest,” he said. “We want to play it a little safer because there is a risk of re-injury.”

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