Chips are the currency of casinos and poker games around the world

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Walk into any brick-and-mortar casino and you’ll see more than a few chips. Even the sound they make when clinking together is unbreakable by the time of day with the bright lights of the Vegas Strip.

There is a lot of money in Vegas  , but it all starts with the little round chips you see scattered across the casino floor. So why do casinos use chips, not cash? At first, you’d think it would be easier to deal with cold hard cash. No need to keep cashing and cashing. Casinos don’t need to hire cashiers just to replace chips with cash. Everything will go easier, right? 바카라사이트

Nach, casinos use chips for a number of reasons, and it’s not just a custom. Please watch.

1. Psychology
The core argument of casinos favoring chips over cash is that chips increase a bit of the moral division between gamblers and their money’s worth. It’s a little easy for you, the gambler, to place a big bet because it’s just Chips. The assumption is that you know what the chip represents. However, since it’s not actual cash in your hand, you feel a bit reluctant to take bigger chances.

In principle, this is a psychological problem. You can also think of it as follows. If you want to place a $500 bet on blackjack and all you have is cash, you have to sit down from there and calculate the currency. Maybe twenty-five $20 bills or a small pile of fresh, new 100 dollar bills. It’s so real and it looks at your face. This gives time for what you’re doing to really sink in.

But if you use chips, all you have to do is throw one purple chip on the table. I guess a little. It was just one, lonely piece sitting there in the middle of a sea of ​​green. All it takes is one second and the money is gone.

2. Security
Chips give the casino an additional layer of security. The casino manages the chip and has a number of strategies they can use to prevent or thwart those with criminal intent. Years ago, a man parked his motorcycle in the Bellagio valet room, ran over with a gun and seized a craps table for $1.5 million in chips.

The Bellagio noted that most of the robber’s illicit profits consisted of $25,000 denomination chips. A while ago, the Bellagio announced to the world that they would soon be discontinuing all $25,000 chips now. These chips may all be worthless after the hour limit set by the casino.

This problem puts thieves in the awkward position of having to cash in a lot of valuable chips in a short amount of time. He was then caught trying to sell his chips through the poker community The “consumer” reported the marketing experiment to the police and the thief was then arrested.

Some casinos are also adding RFID (radio frequency ID) chips to their chips. This problem allows them to track their high denomination chips and easily spot scams. If someone shows up with some clever fakes, those chips will be inauthenticated and the casino won’t mistakenly cash out lots of fake chips.

If several sets of chips that have RFID capabilities are stolen, the casino can determine (depending on the situation) which chip is lost. The casino could then remove those personal chips from its inventory and render the stolen chips worthless. In the meantime, none of the other chips were persuaded.

3. Convenience
One of the reasons casinos use chips is a simple matter of security. In fast-paced games, it can be a nightmare to wait for players to fumble with dollar bills for every bet. Money becomes crooked, not easy to stack, hard to find and takes up a lot of space.

High stakes games will further complicate the matter. Just think about trying to play a game of fixed limit Holdem $4,000/$8,000 with a lot of 100 dollar bills. It didn’t work. Chips make things easier for everyone.

latest Data Point applies especially to casinos that use RFID-enabled chips. Most casinos don’t yet have full RFID on all their chips, but the industry seems to be slowly becoming such a fad. Casinos that utilize 100% RFID enabled chips can collect large amounts of data.

The RFID chip allows casinos to catch dealer errors, to catch players trying to insert additional chips onto the table after bets are closed, to track how the chips move around the casino and more. Casinos can use this information to streamline profits, track trends, and prevent losing money to crooks.

One day, casinos could even use RFID chips to identify how smart a particular player is. The casino can then use that information to determine the same comps for each player. Or, they can find out who the card counter is and advance them to play elsewhere.

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