“Catch Osimen, not Kim Min-jae” Napoli coach, strong request at dinner with the owner

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The transfer of Kim Min-jae (27) seems to be accepted as a fait accompli even within Naples. It is known that coach Luciano Spalletti asked the club to catch Victor Osimen (25), not Kim Min-jae.

According to Italy’s ‘Area Napoli’ on the 18th (Korean time), Mimmo Malfitano, a journalist belonging to ‘Gazetta dello Sport’, appeared on ‘Fuorizocco’ of Italian broadcasting ‘Televomero’, and Spalletti recently directed Aurelio. He said he had a conversation with Napoli owner and president De Laurentiis about the transfer market at dinner.

Malpitano said, “Director Spalletti did not ask for confirmation that Min-jae Kim would remain. The two did not even talk about Min-jae Kim메이저놀이터.” “I am concerned because I know that there is no substitute for a player of that level of skill. We must not forget that the most important elements in a team are the goalkeeper and the central striker.”

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Spalletti also has his contract expired this season. However, while giving Napoli its first Serie A title in 33 years, he was guaranteed a new contract by President De Laurentiis. At the same time, Spalletti wanted to secure a squad capable of competing in the UEFA Champions League next season. One of them was Osimen.

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Osimen has a contract with Napoli until 2025. However, this season, he is aiming for the top scorer in the league, scoring 28 goals in 36 matches, including 23 Serie A goals. For this reason, Manchester United (Man United), Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Bayern Munich are aiming. Napoli set the ransom for Osimen at 130 million pounds (approximately 216.9 billion won).

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Kim Min-jae is also guaranteed a contract until 2025. However, Kim Min-jae includes a buyout (transfer permission) clause that will be activated from July 1 to 15. Overseas clubs other than Italy that pay a buyout amount of about 50 million euros are in a state where Napoli cannot intervene as much as they can negotiate with Kim Min-jae.

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Former Napoli goalkeeper Gennaro Iejo warned: “Let’s be clear. If Napoli lose both Kim Min-jae and Osimen, they lose 50% of their power.” As much as that, both Kim Min-jae and Osimen are key factors indispensable to Napoli’s victory. However, unlike Osimen, coach Spalletti is well aware that Napoli can’t help Kim Min-jae.

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