Busan roundabout kick, victim of 20 years in prison “I’m afraid of retaliation, how do I live?”

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While the perpetrator of the so-called ‘Busan roundabout kick’ case, which attempted to indiscriminately assault and sexually assault a woman in her twenties, was sentenced to 20 years in prison at the appeals court, the victim expressed regret that she was sentenced to 8 years rather than the first trial and expressed anxiety about retaliation. did.

On the 12th, Busan High Court Criminal Division 2-1 (Chief Judge Choi Hwan) broke the lower court sentenced to 12 years in prison to Mr. A, who was handed over to trial for attempted rape and murder, and sentenced him to 20 years in prison. The court also ordered 10 years of personal information disclosure and notification, 20 years of location tracking electronic devices, and 80 hours of sexual violence program completion.

This time, the reason why the 2nd trial was sentenced to 8 years more than the 1st trial is because the perpetrator A was admitted to have attempted sexual assault. On the day of the crime, the second trial court acknowledged the prosecution’s prosecution메이저놀이터, saying that “the intent of the crime is visible” after mentioning the fact that Mr. A searched keywords such as ‘Busan rape case’ and ‘Bujeon-dong attempted rape’ on the Internet.

The judge said, “Mr. A made the victim without a face-to-face a target for sexual desire and only kicked and stepped on her head. He dragged the victim without the slightest hesitation and tried to commit a sexual crime against the victim who was bleeding profusely.” .

She went on to say that “even without clear foresight, it is admitted that the victim may die in the course of her own assault or the resulting sexual assault.”

At the same time, she said, “I took off the victim’s clothes so that the jeans were unbuttoned and the zipper came down so that her insides could be seen, and then I felt a presence and ran away in a hurry.”

The victim’s side, who confirmed the results of the second trial, is in an atmosphere of regret over the fact that the sentence was lower than the prosecution’s sentence of 35 years in prison. In particular, after the trial, the victim said, “It seems like a story telling me to die. When I get out of prison, that person will be in his 50s.” said

She then said, “Why do things like this to someone who has never committed a crime, I did nothing wrong…” she pleaded with tears.

Netizens who heard the results of the second trial are also protesting that the sentence is small.

The victim’s side plans to submit an opinion to the National Assembly Judiciary Committee regarding the disclosure of the perpetrator’s identity and also request a constitutional complaint with the Constitutional Court. It is known that the prosecution will also decide whether to appeal after analyzing the verdict.

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