Asiana won’t sell the seats in question…unless they’re full

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Asiana Airlines announced on the 26th that it will not sell the offending seats on the plane that was involved in the emergency door opening incident for the time being.

This is a conditional policy that will only apply to non-full flights.

According to the airline, Asiana Airlines Flight OZ 8124, which landed with an emergency door open due to a passenger’s erratic behavior the previous day, is an Airbus A321-200.

The passenger who caused the incident was seated in seat ’31A’ of the aircraft.

Passengers in seat 31A can reach the emergency exit door while seated and open it without unbuckling their seat belt.

For seats closer to other exits, there are only two seats in the same section, so there is a distance between them.

However, only section 31A has three seats side by side, making 31A uniquely close to the emergency exit.

An Asiana flight whose door was opened by a man shortly스포츠토토 before landing stands at Daegu International Airport on June 26. Yonhap News

The A321-200 is the smallest plane in Asiana’s fleet, which operates 14 of them on domestic routes and short-haul overseas flights.

Asiana and other airlines have been selling emergency exit seats at a higher price than regular economy seats. This is due to the extra space in front of you, allowing you to stretch your legs.

Originally, emergency exit seats were meant to be reserved for able-bodied adults who could assist flight attendants in case of danger, but in practice, they have become a seat for anyone who can pay.

Passengers were rarely screened for physical condition or mental illness.

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