Anyang’s ‘Abando Drama’ on Sunday… I scored 30 points, but only one free throw was missing

Seoul SK beat No. 1 team Anyang KGC 80-79 in the 2022-23 professional basketball regular league away game held at Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 18th.

SK’s Jamilwoni scored 32 points and 12 rebounds, and KGC’s Filipino player Lens Abando scored 30 points and 6 rebounds. Both teams engaged in an offensive confrontation in which they counterattacked with another goal when they scored a goal, putting their offense ahead of the promised organized play.

Abando was the main character who added to the fun of the match today.

Abando is a 24-year-old young player who came to Korea after dropping out of college in the Philippines. Although he is 1m88cm tall, he is not outstandingly tall, but he is a player who is in charge of ‘fun to watch’ in KGC games with his excellent athletic ability. In addition to his phenomenal jumping ability, his splendid dribbling that beats the opponent’s defense with his personal skills is his strength. On the 18th of last month, he succeeded in 6 blocks in a game against Wonju DB, writing the record for the most blocks tied in a single game by a professional basketball rookie.

Abando, who made his debut in the KBL for the first time when the Philippine player system was introduced in professional basketball this season, made his debut only in the second half of the first round due to an injury. At the beginning of the season, the play with ups and downs looked somewhat uneasy, but recently he seems to have completely adapted.

As both SK and KGC played two consecutive weekend games, the physical strength of the players on this day seemed to drop. However, only Abando showed lively movements as if he were making his debut match.

Abando drove 12 points in the first quarter alone and took SK’s spirit away. He threw three 3-point shots in the first quarter alone and made them all successful, boasting a 100% field shooting success rate. SK’s defense was greatly disturbed by Abando’s great performance in the first quarter, which was the reason for the narrow victory on this day.

KGC added strength to Abando’s offensive power by collaborating with Byun Jun-hyeong (12 points) and Moon Seong-gon (6 points) in 3 stores and 4 rooms. Here, Omarispellman (14 points, 12 rebounds) and Moon Seong-gon (11 rebounds) grabbed double-digit rebounds and kept under the goal.

SK trailed greatly in the first quarter, but succeeded in chasing from the second quarter, and fought a fierce battle until the end. Choi Jun-yong, who came back from injury, joined the attack with 16 points and 7 rebounds, and Kim Seon-hyung (6 points, 7 assists) prevented KGC from running away with a quick attack followed by a steal at every critical juncture.

The match of the day was eventually decided by the ‘Abando Drama’ made in the last 4.4 seconds.

4.4 seconds before the end, the moment SK thought they had secured victory by leading 80-77, Abando boldly attempted a 3-point shot. At this time, three SK defenders stuck together, and among them, Heo Il-young committed a foul by hitting Abando’s arm. Abando quickly got three free throws to tie the game.

The SK bench and players looked nervous in preparation for the extension. However, Abando missed the last free throw after making two consecutive free throws. The game ended as SK grabbed the rebound.

In Daegu, DB beat Daegu Korea Gas Corporation 111-80. DB Doo Kyung-min exploded 43 points, including 9 3-point shots. 토토

Meanwhile, as a result of the fan vote for the 2022-23 Professional Basketball All-Star Game announced by the Korea Professional Basketball League (KBL) on the 16th, Heo Woong (Jeonju KCC) was honored with first place overall for two consecutive years. Heo Woong received 142,475 votes out of a total of 237,716 votes, ranking first in the All-Star fan vote for the fourth time in his personal career.

Lee Dae-seong (Korea Gas Corporation) took second place with 96,186 votes. This year’s All-Star Game will be held at the Sonic Boom Arena in Suwon on January 15 next year, and will be held in a confrontation between ‘Team Heo Woong’ and ‘Team Dae-Sung Lee’.