An entire family assaulted a middle school girl in the middle of Gangnam…why?

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Police are investigating an incident in which a family assaulted their middle school daughter in the center of Seoul.

According to police, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul is investigating the parents for violating the Child Abuse Punishment Act (physical abuse) for allegedly assaulting their middle school daughter. The minor brother, who allegedly beat his sister along with his parents, has also been charged with violating the Family Violence Punishment Act (assault).

The couple allegedly assaulted middle school student A Yang for about 20 minutes at an apartment complex in Gangnam, Seoul. (Photo: SBS Caption)
The couple and the student’s brother allegedly assaulted the middle school girl for about 20 minutes at an apartment complex in Gangnam, Seoul, around 0 a.m. on Nov. 15.

Neighborhood closed-circuit (CC) TV footage showed the father chasing Miss A, who was running barefoot, at high speed, knocking her down, dragging her by the hair and punching her in the stomach. Her mother then arrives and kicks her several times while she is on her knees, and her brother is seen joining in the assault.

Police responded to a witness report and arrested the parents and brother at a nearby apartment, and shortly thereafter medically evicted the father.

The police applied to the prosecutor for an emergency interim measure to prevent the family from approaching or contacting the victim, which was granted by the court.먹튀검증

The student was placed in a shelter and reportedly suffered no serious trauma.

(Photo: Yonhap)
During the police investigation, the parents reportedly stated that their daughter “refused to go to the hospital and was physically punished.” The police plan to investigate whether the student had been abused before.

Meanwhile, according to Kookmin Ilbo on Nov. 22, the victim, Ms. A, told the Gangnam Police Station and Gangnam District Office that she had no intention of punishing or separating from her abusive family members.

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