Aaron, who gets scolded by Lee Jung-hyo for being ‘less’, “I’m a center back, so it’s good that he ordered an attack”

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“(Coach Lee Jung-hyo’s soccer)먹튀검증 was difficult at first, but with practice, you can do it,” said Aaron, who is the least scolded among foreign players. It is because it is cleverly fulfilling the director’s request. 

Coach Lee, who finished the Gangwon match, expressed dissatisfaction with the team, who lacked desperateness. Regarding Aaron, “I have a weapon (Aaron) that can definitely score from set pieces, so when the opponent gets off and responds, I use it like a striker. He missed his chance, but I think he performed well.”

Aaron, who wore the Gwangju uniform last year, is in his second year of living in Korea. According to the manager of the team he lives with, he understands his needs to some extent even though he doesn’t speak Korean. Communication with my teammates on the pitch is of course not a problem. 

Aaron said, “(Standing on the right line) Kim Han-gil has good stamina, and Asani is good at dribbling and shooting. I can communicate, so I get along well no matter who comes in,” he said. Teemo’s ability is so good that it’s easy to get along with him. He is preparing for the game comfortably by communicating before the season.” 

Aaron, who started his life in Korea in the second division, is also proving his competitiveness in the K League 1. He said, “In K-League 2, there are many cases where a goal is not scored even if you make a mistake, but K-League 1 is technical, so I play more carefully with more concentration,” he said. “I personally want to play as much as possible. I hope the team is at least in the top 6. I think it is possible,” he said. 

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