A warning message from a salt lick, “Maximum fine for a cold…don’t be ridiculous”

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LG coach Yeom Kyung-yup has a strong warning message for his players about taking care of their bodies. More than a cold caution.

LG recently lost Plutko to a cold. Plutko, who was initially scheduled to start against Doosan on Sept. 30, did not participate in training on Sept. 29 due to severe cold symptoms and rested after receiving treatment. He was also excluded from training on the 30th.

The team traded for Choi Won-tae from Kiwoom, and Choi will start in place of Plutko against Doosan on the 30th.토토사이트

Before the game against Doosan at Jamsil Stadium on the 30th, manager Yoon Kyung-yeop said about Plutko’s next start, “I’m thinking of pitching on Wednesday (against Kiwoom). Tomorrow, he will go out and work out by himself. If he says he feels worse, he may go to the second game against Samsung Electronics.”

He also mentioned that he gave a message to the players to take care of themselves. “If you catch a cold in the future, I will give you the highest penalty. If (Choi) Wontae wasn’t traded, we would have to call up someone from the second team, because it would create a crisis for the team. If a starter doesn’t take care of his body and can’t protect the rotation, it can cost the team a game or two,” he said.

“One person can create a huge crisis for a team. “One guy can cause a huge crisis for a team, and it can drop them down a spot in the standings, or it can ruin a season. That’s baseball. One little thing can ruin a season. You lose and lose and lose and lose, and it has a huge impact. I know from experience. At the end of the season, one or two wins can decide the standings. The responsibility of a professional player is not only to play baseball well,” he emphasized.

Starting the second half of the season, Yeom said, “Each game is important.” Hanwha, KIA, and KT, who were in the middle and bottom of the standings, have improved, and there are no easy teams now. He said that even if they meet the opponent’s 4-5 starters, they can’t rest assured.

LG traded Choi Won-tae for two top pitching prospects and a first-round pick in the 2024 rookie draft. It’s the first time in 29 years they’ve won the Korean Series. Winning the regular season and the Korean Series was a must, or the season would be a failure.

In order to win the title, Yeom gave his players a strict message about their physical condition. “I definitely delivered the message strongly this time. “You may think it’s a funny cold, but it can create a crisis that can do a lot of damage to the team,” he said.

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