A place to rely on is a friend… Yang Eui-ji joins Doosan for the second time

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Doosan’s ‘Madam of the House’ is back. After 5 years, I put on the Bears uniform and hat again. Yang Eui-ui (36), a catcher representing Korean baseball, joined Doosan for the second time in his life.

Yang Eui-ji held his initiation ceremony at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 11th. It was the first official schedule he digested as a returning ‘Bears Man’. After changing from a suit to a uniform, he received a bouquet of flowers from club officials and manager Lee Seung-yeop. I shared a happy hug with Kim Jae-hwan and Heo Kyung-min.

The face of the veteran, who had gone through all of the prenatal battles, was clearly reminded. He seemed very happy to return to his parents’ home where he had spent 10 years after his professional debut. Yang Eui-ji said, “Even before I reacquired free agent (FA) qualifications (Doosan days), my younger siblings told me to ‘let’s do it together’” and said, “I am very happy that it has become a reality.” He added that he was happy to be able to spend more time with his family. On this day, his wife and his first daughter Soyul-yang, a pre-elementary school student, were also present at the event.

During the four years that ‘Lean Eui-ji’ played an active role as the backbone of the NC Dinos, Doosan suffered a dramatic fall. In 2019, he won the combined championship and advanced to the Korean Series for the next two years, but last year was a problem. They ended the season in ninth place with a record of 60 wins, 2 draws and 82 losses.

There was no way I could feel comfortable watching my parents fall. Yang Eui-ji emphasized, “When I saw it as an opposing team, it seemed that my confidence was very low.” He also expressed his anticipation for Lee Seung-yeop, the new director.

It was the same in 2020, when NC won its first integrated championship. Coincidentally, the Korean Series opponent at the time was Doosan. “I thought, ‘I won’t be able to return to Doosan,’” he joked.

He confessed that he had listened to his old cheering song several times after his return to his parental home was confirmed. He said, “I don’t think I’ll be able to concentrate because I get goosebumps when the song comes out in the first at-bat of my comeback.” 온라인바카라

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