A Nonghyup employee ‘peeked’ 100 million won from an ATM… Central Committee, Initiation of Audit

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A local Nonghyup employee in Seoul was found guilty of embezzling about 100 million won, and the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation launched its own audit. According to the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation on the 19th메이저놀이터, Mr. A, an employee of a local Nonghyup branch in Seoul, took out cash little by little from an automatic teller machine ( ATM ) and stole a total of 120 million won

from last March . Mr. A’s crime was discovered while the branch inspected the cash holdings and the amount on the books. Mr. A stated that he confessed to the crime and spent the embezzled money on stock trading. The local Nonghyup received all the damages, but plans to sue Mr. A for embezzlement. The National Agricultural Cooperative Federation is conducting its own audit for the branch. An official from the central association said, “We plan to find out the facts through an audit and take disciplinary action according to the results.” This is not the first time that an embezzlement case has occurred at the Nonghyup. In June of last year, it was revealed that an employee of a local Nonghyup in Gwangju, Gyeonggi Province, embezzled 5 billion won from the company to raise money for sports betting. At the local Nonghyup in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, an employee embezzled 7.6 billion won for five years and was arrested for using it to invest in virtual currency and purchase foreign cars.

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