“A miracle happened” An unexpected way to recover sight lost for 10 years

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A female writer in her 80s from New Zealand, who had experienced major inconveniences in daily life such as driving and reading for more than 10 years due to deteriorating eyesight, was unexpectedly fortunate to recover her eyesight after participating in a low back pain treatment experiment, making headlines.

On the 19th (local time), local media such as the New Zealand Herald and News Hub reported that Dr. Linley Hood (80), an author who has written many books스포츠토토, applied for a chronic back pain relief experiment led by the University of Otago, and she accidentally lost her eyesight. reported to have recovered. Dr. Hood said she started suffering from back pain after she injured her pelvis in 2020, which led her to work on this project.

Dr. Linley Hood of New Zealand receiving treatment wearing an electrode cap that stimulates the skin [Image source = Yonhap News]

The treatment he received was to lie still in bed wearing an electrode cap that sends current to the brain part related to pain, and was scheduled to proceed for three months.

However, after a month of treatment, an unexpected effect occurred. Dr. Hood’s eyesight improved after being unable to drive, read, or write properly for over 10 years because of glaucoma.

Even more surprising is the fact that he belonged to a placebo experiment group that received so-called ‘fake treatment’ among the project participants. The organizers of the trial divided 20 patients into two groups and received treatment five times a week during the first month of treatment. The first group received actual electrical stimulation to the area of ​​the brain responsible for pain, while the other group received electrical stimulation only to the skin. Dr. Hood was in the latter group.

Dr. Divya Adhia of the University of Otago, who was in charge of this project, said, “It seems that the skin stimulation was transmitted to the area responsible for vision and had an effect.” recovered,” he said. He added, “Dr. Hood’s recovery of vision is so amazing that ophthalmologists say it’s a miracle.”

Dr. Hood, who has regained his eyesight, is busy pursuing the tasks he had been putting off for a long time due to his poor eyesight. “Now I can read and write without any difficulties,” he said, expressing his joy.

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