A lawmaker who breastfeeds a baby at the Capitol… Applause at the same time

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Italian MP Gilda Sportiello breastfeeds a two-month-old baby during a vote on a bill in the House of Representatives in Rome on June 7, 2023메이저놀이터. On this day, as Congressman Sportiello breastfeeded her son Federico in her House of Representatives, applause erupted from both the ruling and opposition seats.

Sportiello, a member of the opposition 5-Star Movement , passed last session a rule allowing female MPs to participate in voting and debate while caring for babies until they are 12 months old. . She became the first woman in Congress to do so, and she did so on this day.

Sportiello’s husband, Ricardo Richardi, is also a member of the Five Star Movement. Representative Giorgio Mullet, who hosted the meeting, said, “This is the first time I have received support from all political parties. We hope that Federico will lead a free and peaceful life.”

Even as Sportiello took a seat in the back row of the Capitol, tending to Federico, she bent over and pressed her vote button to participate in the ongoing legislative vote.

Italian daily <La Repubblica> ( La Repubblica ) said, “From today, Italy’s top institution has allowed its members to raise children at work, so women of any profession should not be denied this right.” I conveyed Tiello’s words.

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