A foreigner with 49 KBO wins at the age of 46… “Player Lee Seung-yeop was a tricky opponent” [Sydney Interview]

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“The players who were there since childhood have now become stars.”

Blacktown International Baseball Stadium in Sydney, 바카라사이트Australia on the 18th ahead of the Doosan Bears and Australian All-Star match.

There was a foreigner who greeted the Doosan players who were washing water ahead of the game. Chris Oxspring (46, Sydney Blue Sox).

The KBO League and Innyeong are deep. He came to the KBO League in 2007 as a substitute foreign player for the LG Twins and won 10 victories the following year. However, he did not renew his contract with LG and left the KBO League. However, he returned to Lotte Giants in 2013 and played more than 180 innings for two years, recording 23 wins and 15 losses. After leaving for KT Wiz again in 2015, he recorded 12 wins and 10 losses with an average ERA of 4.48, but his contract renewal failed again.

Although he could not continue his relationship with the KBO, Oxspring consistently played as an active player in the Australian League. Although he is 46 years old, he appeared in 13 games in the Australian Professional Baseball League in 2022-2023 and showed off his skills with an earned run average of 2.15 in 29⅓ innings.

Oxspring, who met Doosan players for the first time in about eight years, said, “It’s very exciting,” and laughed, saying, “The players I saw when I was young grew up and became stars. I’m looking forward to playing against them again.”

He also has a close relationship with coach Lee Seung-yeop, the head coach of Doosan. When he played for the Hanshin Tigers in 2006, Lee was active with the Yomiuri Giants. In the KBO League, coach Lee returned to Samsung from his days at Lotte and KT and was playing. In the KBO League, he faced 33 times, leaving a record of 9 hits (0.273) in 33 at-bats.

Oxspring said, “I dealt with coach Lee Seung-yeop in Korea and Japan. I remember that coach Lee was always difficult to get an out count. But as a competitor, he was a fun player.” Even when we met, coach Lee was the best hitter, so it was a great honor. I’m happy to be competing once again after finishing my career like this.”

Director Lee also welcomed the meeting with Oxspring. Director Lee said, “He was a pitcher that was not easy to capture during his active career.”

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