A changed junior field training center.. From customized training to swing analysis with state-of-the-art equipment

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A systematic program, analysis using state-of-the-art equipment, and various support.”

Director Kim Do-hwan of Singgreen Golf Academy, who has been training for junior players at the Bangkok Golf Club near Bangkok, Thailand since January, said that the environment has improved beyond compare to the past, and that the atmosphere has changed. 먹튀검증

On the afternoon of the 4th, at the driving range of the Bangkok Golf Club, the sound of hitting the ball ‘Kang, Kang’ reverberated loudly. Behind the players, two staff members measured swings with equipment such as a ball trajectory tracker and Trackman, and analyzed the data while looking at it.

The staff who analyzes the player’s swing are tour team staff dispatched from Korea’s Bridgestone Golf to Thailand’s training ground. Normally, he supports professional players, but during this winter, he visits training grounds in Thailand and Vietnam and analyzes whether the clubs he uses for junior players suit his swing and body type. Junior players who have received this kind of support for the first time are highly satisfied.

Park Je-hee, a member of Gunsan Academy, said, “I didn’t have many opportunities to participate in support programs because the academy was in a rural area, but I was able to have a good experience by coming to the field training.” There was no Through this program, I had a great result just by trying various clubs and finding the club that was right for me.”

Thailand is the most popular winter training ground for Korean golfers. With warm weather and lower cost than Korea, many players set up training camps in the winter and sweat for months.

This year, only in the vicinity of Bangkok, players from Korea set up training camps such as Summit Golf Academy, Gunsan CC Academy, Singgreen Golf Academy, KG Academy, and Lake Golf Academy.

The expressions of the players sweating all day and preparing for tomorrow are similar to those of the past. However, compared to past training camps, the environment and atmosphere of the training programs have changed greatly.

The schedule of the training camp is to wake up at 5:00 am, play an 18-hole round, and in the afternoon, conduct short game, shot correction, putt practice, personalized training, and finish with weight training such as strengthening the strength and flexibility necessary for the golf swing and stretching to prevent injuries. leads to

In the middle of training, irregular events and evaluation matches are held to speed up the development of players’ skills, and Trackman or various analysis equipment are used to continuously check the training process of the players to maximize their performance.

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